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8 Steps That Will Guide You to Mastery of the Samurai Sword

No article can magically make you a master of the samurai sword, but the tips outlined here, from iaido instructor Minobu Miki, will put you on the martial path to that destination!

New Film Profiles a Man Who’s Died by the Samurai Sword at Least 50,000 Times

The first installment of Black Belt’s new entertainment blog focuses on Uzumasa Limelight, a samurai film about a man who’s reportedly been slashed and stabbed to death 50,000 times.

How to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey With a Samurai Sword

Are you getting adventurous today and thinking of carving the Thanksgiving turkey with a samurai sword? Let’s hope the turkey’s tender as can be this Thanksgiving so you don’t bend your blade cutting through it!

Samurai Training Philosophy: Be Thorough in the Disciplined Practice of Martial Arts

In this exclusive e-book excerpt from Budoshoshinshu: The Warrior’s Primer of Daidoji Yuzan, the teacher and military philosopher advocates the often-overlooked benefits of curiosity, discipline and commitment.

Leading Firearms Instructor Louis Awerbuck on Every Fighter’s Final Weapon: The Brain

In 2010, the editor of Black Belt encountered top-tier firearms instructor Louis Awerbuck at a Bruce Lee Foundation event. Their conversation led to this insightful article!

Samurai Training: Toshishiro Obata and the Five Rings of Shinkendo Japanese Swordsmanship

Japanese swordsmanship master Toshishiro Obata founded his art of shinkendo in response to the incompleteness he found in other samurai training. Learn how he set out to develop his own art rather than change those already in existence.

Samurai Weapons Philosophy: How the Samurai Sword Can Enhance Life Rather Than Simply Take It

In this new FREE download, Samurai Weapons Philosophy: How the Samurai Sword Can Enhance Life Rather Than Simply Take It, the Black Belt Hall of Fame’s 2006 Instructor of the Year — the late Masayuki Shimabukuro — and his senior student, Carl E. Long, introduce you to a path for exploring a meaningful practice of training with the samurai sword. Learn the benefits of living by samurai principles, the four defining elements of battojutsu, the concept of the life-giving sword and much more!

Way of the Ninja: Strategies for a Better Life Today

Tree climbing and throwing stars aside, ninjutsu encompasses principles of psychological self-defense that even the military use. Such valuable skills are readily available to you, too. Start changing your design for living right here!

Samurai Weapons Video: Behind the Scenes of Masayuki Shimabukuro’s Advanced Samurai Swordsmanship 3-DVD Set

In this EXCLUSIVE video, we take you into the studio, behind the cameras, for a glimpse of a true sword master in action! This is some of the last footage of Masayuki Shimabukuro shot at Black Belt magazine — and perhaps anywhere.

Ninja History 101: Ninjutsu Training

Masaaki Hatsumi, one of Japan’s few remaining ninja practitioners, describes the ninja of old as the perfect all-around athletes of their day. Learn about the intense regimen that produced such well-rounded warriors.

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