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Atina Hartunian

Atina Hartunian is Black Belt’s new book editor. Before her position at Black Belt, Atina reviewed books for The Armenian Reporter, covered literary events for and wrote content for websites.

A wordsmith by trade, Atina joined the Black Belt dojo and has advanced to the rank of word warrior. A samurai of the sentence, Atina works with some of the world’s greatest martial artists to create instructional books for self-defense enthusiasts.

When she’s not practicing swor[...]

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Dr. Craig D. Reid

Born in Reading, England, Dr. Craig D. Reid began practicing martial arts in 1972. He is one of America’s most respected martial arts film historians and critics. His extensive knowledge of martial arts history, martial arts cinema history and experience as a fight choreographer in Asia and Hollywood lend unique insights into his film articles and reviews. Reid has also appeared as an interviewee on many international TV shows dealing with martial arts, such as on a Japanese TV special about B[...]

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Dave Lowry

Dept/Column: Karate Way

Since 1968, Dave Lowry has been an avid student and practitioner of Japanese swordsmanship and martial arts. He has trained in karate-do, judo and aikido, and he is an expert on shindo muso-ryu and yagyu shinkage-ryu,two classical schools of combat that date back to Japan's feudal era.

Lowry is a longtime contributor to Black Belt and has written the Karate Way column since 1986. His articles have appeared in Cosmopolitan[...]

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Floyd Burk

Dept./Column: Black Belt Times
Floyd Burk is a San Diego-based freelance writer and martial arts instructor with more than 35 years of experience. He has trained in many styles, including shorin-ryu karate, shotokan karate, shito-ryu karate, American karate, full-contact karate, Chinese kung fu and jujutsu.

Currently a contributing editor, Burk began writing exclusively for Black Belt and its sister publications since his first article appeared in th[...]

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Antonio Graceffo

Dept/Column: Destinations
Antonio Graceffo is a martial arts and adventure author living in Asia. Born in New York City, he traveled to Europe, Asia and Latin America for his education and is fluent in Italian, Spanish, German and Mandarin Chinese. He has studied and competed in the martial arts for more than 20 years.

Graceffo’s first book, The Monk From Brooklyn, details Graceffo’s studies at the Shaolin Temple, and Bikes, Boats & Boxing Gloves chronicles [...]

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Keith Vargo

Dept/Column: Way of the Warrior

Keith Vargo began his martial arts training in 1984, studying under judo champion Jordie Hamilton. He attended Radford University, graduating with a degree in psychology and a certificate in multicultural self-defense. Since moving to Japan in 2000, Vargo has devoted himself to the mixed martial arts. He trained at Takada Dojo, where he learned from well-known fighters like Akira Shoji, Yoon Dong Sik and Kazushi Sakuraba. He is currently the only foreign[...]

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Mark Jacobs

Dept/Column: Far East

Mark Jacobs brings a unique combination of serious journalism and martial arts expertise to his Far East column in Black Belt every month. Beginning his martial arts studies as a child in goju-ryu karate, he went on to train in boxing, kickboxing, shootfighting, the Gene LeBell grappling system and kali. His written work has appeared in publications like Sports Illustrated and Men’s Health. He’s the author of the ac[...]

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Kelly McCann

Black Belt author Kelly McCann is a former U.S. Marine special-missions officer responsible for counterterrorism and counter-narcotics. He now serves as the president of Crucible, an elite empty-hand and weapons-training facility that provides security support services and trains military, government and law-enforcement operators to do whatever it takes to survive. He has taught combatives and other special-ops skills for more than 25 years to a list of clients that includes the U.S. De[...]

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