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Reid became an actor/stuntman in Chinese kung-fu movies and TV series in Taiwan in 1979, co-starring with Chia Lin (Judy Lee) in Flying Tigers and the Kung Fu Kids and Barry Chan in two highly popular kung-fu TV soap operas in Taiwan, Wei Zhen Nan Tai and Tang San Wu Jie.

After a six week stint in Hong Kong in 1992 learning fight choreography theory with Jackie Chan, Tsui Hark and Ching Siu-tung, Reid began lecturing on fight choreography at Yale School of Drama and, upon moving to LA in 1996, served as a fight choreographer for Sam Raimi's ABC TV show Spy Game and was a fight directing apprentice with Yuen Tak and Yuen Bun for 2 years on CBS's TV series Martial Law.

Reid was also the screenwriter on the award winning docudrama Red Trousers: Life of the Hong Kong Stuntman and did an uncredited rewrite of End Game for director Andy Cheng, which starred James Woods, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Angie Harmon and Burt Reynolds.

Apart from being a stringer for Reuters for the past six years, Reid became a freelance writer in 1992 and many of his more than 1000 published articles have appeared in Black Belt, Kung-fu/Qi Gong, Hollywood Reporter, Emmy Magazine, Film Quarterly, Fangoria, Cinefantastique and National Wildlife Magazine.

The 12-time university teacher, award winner and prior M.A.D.D. Humanitarian of Year recipient, Reid is considered a world's authority on Chinese martial arts and action cinema and is authoring a series of "Ultimate Martial Arts Movie Guides" books for Black Belt Magazine.


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