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Dept/Column: Way of the Warrior

Keith Vargo began his martial arts training in 1984, studying under judo champion Jordie Hamilton. He attended Radford University, graduating with a degree in psychology and a certificate in multicultural self-defense. Since moving to Japan in 2000, Vargo has devoted himself to the mixed martial arts. He trained at Takada Dojo, where he learned from well-known fighters like Akira Shoji, Yoon Dong Sik and Kazushi Sakuraba. He is currently the only foreigner to have earned a shodan from Takada Dojo.

In 2001, Vargo placed second in Tokai TV’s MMA reality show Pre-Pride. In March 2007, he won the All-Japan Amateur Shootboxing Tournament heavyweight division, his first national title. In addition to MMA, he has also fought in numerous submission wrestling matches and tournaments.

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There are a few videos floating around the Web of old-time catch-as-catch-can wrestler Billy Robinson. In one of them, he recounts easily handling a famous strongman in the early 1970s. After beating him over and over, Billy Robinson claims the bewildered powerlifter asked him, “What makes you so good?”

Billy Robinson’s
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