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Dept/Column: Far East

Mark Jacobs brings a unique combination of serious journalism and martial arts expertise to his Far East column in Black Belt every month. Beginning his martial arts studies as a child in goju-ryu karate, he went on to train in boxing, kickboxing, shootfighting, the Gene LeBell grappling system and kali. His written work has appeared in publications like Sports Illustrated and Men’s Health. He’s the author of the acclaimed instructional text, The Principles of Unarmed Combat, available from Turtle Press, and the novels A Bittersweet Science and Pascal’s Wager. You can visit his website at


They say no one has invented a time machine, but while watching the UFC 118 in Boston, I was hard-pressed to believe it. I say this because when that old question, “Can a boxer beat a mixed martial artist?” reared its ugly head again courtesy of the co-main event, it
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