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Raymond Horwitz

Title: Director of Digital Media

As Black Belt’s director of digital media, Raymond Horwitz coordinates production of the company’s ongoing instructional DVD library. After collaborating with the martial artists, he works with outside production houses to design the look, pacing and final presentation of the DVDs.
Raymond can often be found with high-def camera in hand, shooting behind-the-scenes footage at DVD shoots and cover- or feature-story shoots for the magazine. He then edits and posts the clips at's Martial Arts Videos page, as well as at Black Belt’s YouTube page at

During his 10 years with Black Belt, Raymond has served as book editor, head researcher/writer and production designer for Black Belt’s 2005 and 2006 Hall of Fame and Industry Awards banquets, managing editor for the magazines FightSport and Self Defense for Women, Web editor for the previous incarnation of, and editor for the 2005 to 2009 incarnations of the annual Black Belt Buyer’s Guide.

Outside the office, Raymond has been a keyboardist/vocalist/accompanist/arranger in the Los Angeles pop/rock and choral community for 20 years. He is also rumored to eat and sleep… occasionally.