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Finding Chuck Norris

Since being beaten up by Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon (1972; aka Return of the Dragon), Chuck Norris has had a successful A- and B-film career. But he’s best known for his 196-episode TV show, Walker, Texas Ranger (1993-2001), the longest-running martial-arts-based program in the history of American television. While the success of the show baffled TV critics, his John Wayne-esque martial artist character resonated with Americana.

As the first major American martial arts film star, Chuck Norris’ soft-tough guy demeanor has become the brunt of jokes and Web sites. The legendary karate champion is the most parodied American martial arts star ever, and his support of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee gave birth to a political juggernaut. He created his own martial art, chun kuk do, and his run of Czech-language telephone commercials made Chuck Norris a household name in Eastern Europe.

So where is Chuck Norris’ career heading next? It’s a Hitchcock mystery, but Norris means “Northerner” in French—a clue, perhaps.

  1. Learn the Real Chuck Norris Facts

    Learn the Real Chuck Norris Facts

    Like most netizens, we love Chuck Norris jokes. But Chuck Norris is more than just an aging action hero. As this classic interview with Sara Fogan shows, the former karate champion is also a deeply spiritual man who has devoted his life to helping children. Here are the real Chuck
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  2. Bill “Superfoot” Wallace on Chuck Norris, Dolph Lundgren, Bob Wall and Jean-Claude Van Damme

    Bill “Superfoot” Wallace on Chuck Norris, Dolph Lundgren, Bob Wall and Jean-Claude Van Damme

    It was 1 o’clock, and I was sitting at Jun Chong’s taekwondo school in Los Angeles getting ready to work out. In walked Dolph Lundgren, 6 feet 5 inches tall and built like a brick [outhouse].

    He said, “You’re Bill Wallace, right?”

    I said, “Yeah, and you’re Dolph Lundgren.”

    I stood up and
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  3. Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee

    Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee

    When martial arts legend and political juggernaut Chuck Norris shares his thoughts on Bruce Lee, you listen.

    On his WorldNetDaily column, Chuck Norris discusses Bruce Lee’s charm, adaptability, and whether the jeet kune do master would have stood a chance against the karate champ.
    Bruce Lee’s Strengths
    Chuck Norris: “The truth is Lee
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