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Steven Seagal Movies

Steven Seagal burst onto the scene with the movie Above the Law. It was the first mainstream American film that featured aikido. Because of its novelty, Above the Law is often considered to be Steven Seagal’s best martial arts fight performance.

Since then, Steven Seagal’s career has run the gamut of A- to B-range films. Beyond Hollywood, Steven Seagal was the first American to successfully open and operate an aikido dojo in Japan. Twenty years ago, Steven Seagal also became a certified peace officer in California. In fact, it is this persona that is featured in the reality TV show Steven Seagal: Lawman, which follows his work as a policeman in Louisiana.

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    Against the Dark Review | Vintage Steven Seagal Movies

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    Steven Seagal definitely ranked near the top in my pantheon of cinematic heroes. My jaw
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