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Black Belt Magazine on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: Connect With Martial Arts Masters, Writers, Experts, Videos and News Everywhere!

Black Belt Magazine on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: Connect With Martial Arts Masters, Writers, Experts, Videos and News Everywhere!

While is certainly the central hub of Black Belt magazine’s online presence, don’t forget that the world’s leading martial arts magazine is plugged into the world’s three largest social media and video outlets: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! If you haven’t found Black Belt magazine on these online communities yet, this easy guide is your chance to get connected!


Black Belt magazine on Facebook at
Number of fans: Nearly 18,000!

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Black Belt magazine on Twitter features martial arts news and tidbits at!/black_belt_mag
Number of followers: Nearly 3,500!

  • Multiple bite-size updates daily from Black Belt staff
  • Direct access to some of Black Belt’s best writers and martial arts masters
  • Latest tidbits regarding who’s visiting Black Belt and why they’re in the office
  • Curated news and information that you can’t find because you’re busy working while we’re here keeping our thumb on the pulse of the martial arts industry
  • Links to the newest important stories and videos at, as well as links to the freshest shares at our Facebook page
  • Why Black Belt magazine on Twitter matters: It offers a forum for anonymously calling out the World’s Most Dangerous Man, Tim Kennedy, without getting beaten down — to the best of our knowledge, of course:

Black Belt magazine on Twitter allows for martial artists to network or talk B.S.


Black Belt magazine features nearly 400 martial arts videos on its YouTube page at
Number of subscribers: Nearly 2,000!
Number of videos uploaded: Closing in on 400!
Number of video views to date: Nearly 1,300,000!

  • Weekly uploads of Black Belt’s newest online videos
  • Trailers and previews for the entire Black Belt DVD catalog
  • Video interviews with martial arts masters and experts such as Hayward Nishioka, Diana Lee Inosanto, Tim Tackett, Greg Jackson, Richard Bustillo, Isaac Florentine, Octavio Quintero, Jerry Poteet, Kathy Long, Cung Le, Linda Lee Cadwell, Bas Rutten, Rudy Reyes and more
  • Video demonstrations of martial arts techniques and self-defense moves from self-defense experts such as Kelly McCann, Tim Larkin, Mick Coup, Val Riazanov, James Williams, Alain Cohen, Rob Pincus, Eyal Yanilov, Jim Wagner and more
  • Categorical links for easy connection to topical pages and major sections of
  • Search-and-sort access to the entire Black Belt magazine online-video archive
  • Highlights of Black Belt magazine on YouTube: “2011 Videos” Playlist + Video interviews with Tao of Jeet Kune Do: Expanded Edition book contributors


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