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2024 WAKO USA Kickboxing Team Trials

WAKO USA kickboxing Trials
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The WAKO USA Kickboxing Team Trials were held February 8-11th 2024 in Orlando, Florida at the Wyndham Resort Convention Center. Competitors from across the nation fought for contention to represent America at the WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) Junior World Championships in Budapest, Hungary this fall. In all, 61 athletes and a coaching staff of 10 will represent America at the World Championships August 23-September 1st at BOK Sports Hall.


USA Kickboxing sanctions competition in two disciplines, Tatami and Ring Sports. According to Bill Viola Jr. (WAKO USA Tatami Chairman), the organization is spearheading Kickboxing towards the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane, Australia. Viola explains, “This was our most competitive and largest nationals to date.  We are confident in our junior athletes headed to Budapest in August and our senior athletes competing in Chile [Vina del Mar] in October. Tatami champions from Chile will earn a slot in the prestigious World Games in Chengdu, China [August 2025].” 

Viola continues, “I always get asked, what does this all mean? The answer is simple, we inch one step closer to an Olympic birth.”  USA Kickboxing is the only U.S. organization in the sport of kickboxing to have IOC (International Olympic Committee) & AOC (American Olympic Committee) recognition. The athletes compete at the highest of levels, qualifying in our National Championship Tournaments to earn their spots on the team to compete internationally at the Pan-American Championships, World Games and the World Combat Games. WAKO USA serves as the gateway to the Olympics. The World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) the National Governing Body for the sport under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee. 

The league alternates with Junior and Senior World Championships every other year.  In 2023 The 2023 Senior Worlds was represented with 70 countries and 1,670 athletes.  The United States sent 49 entries and 23 coaches 13 medals, 5 being gold.  America was able to claim one of the most sought after titles. 

Announcing The 2024 USA Kickboxing Junior Team

Ring Sports (K1, Low Kick, Full Contact Rules)

Samir Abidov: -51kg, 17-18, K1, Florida

Lionel Aguilar: -86kg, 17-18, FCR, Florida

Victor Aguilar: -54kg, 17-18, K1, California

Drighten Collins: -71kg, 15-16, LK, Missouri

Preston Csoka: -63.5kg, 17-18, LK, Virginia

Ryden Dela Cruz: -51kg, 15-16, K1, Hawaii

James Hancock: -60kg, 17-18, LK, Arkansas

Darrin Horton: - 63.5kg, 15-16, LK, Missouri

Alexander Kimball: -75kg, 17-18, LK, Arkansas

Annikka Kimball: +60kg, 15-16, LK, Arkansas

Aidan Lambert: -67kg, 17-18, K1, Massachusetts

Caleb Lewis: -91kg, 17-18, FCR, Texas

Parker Nassar: -65kg, 15-16, FCR, Florida

Ethan Schlauch: -60kg, 17-18, K1, Ohio

Mekenna Vanyo: +70kg, 17-18, K1, Ohio

Zarek Yiu Lin: -51kg, 15-16, LK, Hawaii

Tatami Sports (Point Fighting, Light Contact, Kick Light, Weapons):

Ibrahim Abdul-Qadir: -57kg, 16-18, PF, New York

Cesar Aguilar: +69kg, 13-15, PF, LC, Florida

Jacky Aguilar: +47kg, 10-12, PF, CF, Texas

Sammy Aguilar: -30kg, 7-9, PF, MF, Texas

Olivia Almanza: -24kg, 7-9, PF, Texas

Lino Almanza: -24kg, 7-9, PF, Texas

Matias Camarena Rodriguez: -21kg, 7-9, PF, CF, Texas

Raymundo Camarena Rodriguez: -37kg, 10-12, PF, MF, CF, Texas

Armando Cardenas: -42kg, 10-12, PF, Florida

Lukas Drevinskas: 10-12, MF, CF, MW, CW, Florida

Xander Eddy: -63kg, 13-15, PF, KL, LC, Pennsylvania

Randy Enrique: -57kg, 13-15, PF, Florida

Riley Evans: -55kg, 16-18, PF, LC, Pennsylvania

James Fernandez: -52kg, 13-15, PF, LC, Florida

Vanessa Gomez: -37kg, 10-12, PF, CF, Texas

Vivian Gomez: +47kg, 10-12, PF, MF, Texas

Ariana Gonzalez: +65kg, 13-15, PF, Florida

Carter Griffith: -37kg, 10-12, PF, Pennsylvania

Madelyn Heacock: 13-15, CW, Florida

Erik Hermosillo: -24kg, 7-9, PF, Texas

Everth Hermosillo: -47kg, 10-12, PF, Texas

Brayan Hernandez: -69kg, 13-15, PF, California

Jaydon Holland: -74kg, 16-18, PF, LC, California

Tony Homsani: -42kg, 13-15, PF, Florida

Victoria Homsani: -55kg, 13-15, PF, Florida

Tyler Johnson: -69kg, 16-18, PF, Florida

Joshua Lawrence: -63kg, 13-15, KL, Texas

Camden Lehmann: -55kg, 16-18, PF, Florida

Ricardo Madrinan: -52kg, 10-12, PF, Florida

Emily Molinar: -46kg, 13-15, PF, KL, LC, MF, CF, Texas

Danny Oliva: -74kg, 16-18, PF, Florida

Benjamin Olivares: -47kg, 13-15, LC, California

William Olivares: -69kg, 13-15, PF, California

Jayson Perez: -69kg, 16-18, PF, LC, Florida

Edwin Rivera: -/+69kg, 13-15, PF, LC, Texas

Luis Rivera: -63kg, 13-15, PF, LC, Texas

Axel Rodriguez: -57kg, 13-15, KL, LC, Texas

Sofia Florez-Rodriguez: -70kg, 16-18, PF, Florida

Luis Spencer: -52kg, 13-15, PF, LC, MF, Texas

Reuben Spencer: -32kg, 7-9, PF, MW, CW, Texas

Alyssa Thomas: -32kg, 10-12, PF, MF, Texas

Gabby Viola: -55kg, 13-15, PF, KL, MW, Pennsylvania

Heraclio K Villanueva: -33kg, 7-9, PF, MF, CF, MW, CW, Texas

Santos R Villanueva: -27kg, 7-9, PF, CW, Texas

Alexandra White: 16-18, MW, Florida


El Java Abdul-Qadir Tatami, New York

David Bybee Ring, Florida

Bill Viola Tatami, Pennsylvania

Dawn Roffey, Florida

Davon Emil Clark Tatami, California

Aaron Kimball Ring, Arkansas

Annette Poteet Ring/Tatami, Texas

Damian Rodriguez Tatami, Florida

Mark Vanyo Ring, Ohio

Laco Villanueva Tatami, Texas.

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