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A New Era of Black Belt Magazine: Merging Past, Present, And Future

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Black Belt Magazine

For more than 60 years, Black Belt Magazine has been a leader and innovator for the martial arts community. Our mission has always been to inspire and empower the world’s most passionate followers, fans, and practitioners of martial arts.

Jungo TV has acquired Black Belt Magazine. For several years, Jungo TV has worked side-by-side with Black Belt’s former parent company developing and launching digital solutions that include video channels, apps, and social media content, which has made the acquisition a seamless endeavor. Jungo TV is a global media company based in Los Angeles co-founded by CEO George Chung.

Under his leadership the company has developed several successful international digital channels with major telcos, broadcast networks and digital platforms around the world.

Chung is a martial arts expert and is a former 5-time world martial arts forms champion, former Black Belt Magazine Male Competitor of the Year, Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame Man of the Year, and the first and only martial arts master ever to receive a NFL Super Bowl ring for his martial arts training contribution to the San Francisco 49ers. Rest assured under his management Black Belt is in great hands he shepherds the brand into the future. The Future of Black Belt As in battle, every martial artist must adapt to changing environments. Black Belt embraces this challenge as we move to deliver our community the best content across the digital platforms. With the new team in place, we are taking the time to listen to you, our community, about your hopes for Black Belt. One constant theme was the desire for Black Belt to return to innovating and prioritizing excellence and mastery. In order to do this, we will be adding offerings and trimming services that no longer serve that goal. The shift of benefits that we want to make sure you’re aware of are:

  • Launching an upgraded website that will be easier to read, navigate, and watch hundreds of hours of free video content.

  • Updating the print magazine to an all digital format that gives faster access to the content and multiple options to consume such as web, tablet or mobile devices.

  • Digital access to the entire digital master library of Black Belt Magazine dating back to the 1960s to present.

  • Access to content never before offered that includes past and present video instructional programming.

  • Increasing coverage to include more diversity in content such as styles and geographical regions like Asia and Europe.

  • Introducing the world to a new generation of innovative martial artists from around the world.

  • Advancing our editorial to focus on more self defense and authentic traditional arts.

  • Exciting print on-demand services for your favorite editions.

  • And finally introducing the live induction ceremony of the legendary Black Belt Hall of Fame.

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