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Aleksandar Rakic is Back in Action at UFC 300, Ready to Rocket Past Former Champ Jiri Prochazka

Aleksandar Rakic

Black Belt Plus

Aleksandar Rakic, aka "Rocket," is finally stepping back into the Octagon after a long two-year hiatus!

Aleksandar Rakic is all set for a thrilling showdown against the former light heavyweight champ, Jiri Prochazka, at the epic UFC 300.

This match isn't just a fight; it's a potential ticket to a title shot later this year.

It's been a tough road for Rakic, dealing with injuries that turned minutes into hours and weeks into months. But now, he's feeling fresh and eager, not feeling like it's been two years at all, but just a couple of months. And what a way to make a comeback—on the grand stage of UFC 300!

This weekend at the T-Mobile Arena, it's not just any fight—it's a clash of European titans. Rakic and Prochazka have been throwing shade at each other on Twitter, but all the talk ends in the cage this Saturday.

Rakic is clear-headed, focused, and not letting emotions dictate his game plan. He’s ready to showcase his powerful kickboxing and aim for a knock-out.

Rakic's journey back from a torn ACL has been intense, a real rollercoaster, but now he trusts his knee more than ever and is not letting it hold him back. Despite a tough TKO loss to Blachowicz in his last bout, "Rocket" has rekindled his fire, training smarter and harder.

He’s not just fighting for a win; he's fighting to prove he's still a major player in the 205-pound division. So, buckle up, folks, Rakic has his eyes set firmly on victory, ready for a knockout, a submission, or just outright dominating Prochazka for 15 intense minutes. It's all about the win and silencing any doubters.

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