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Alexander Hernandez's Relentless Pursuit: A Fighter's Journey Through Challenges and Triumphs

Alexander Hernandez

Black Belt Plus

Alexander Hernandez is steadfast in his UFC featherweight journey, despite some stumbles along the way. His optimism remains unshaken as he prepares for his third fight in the division, facing Damon Jackson this Saturday. Despite missing the official weight, Hernandez's spirit isn't dampened.

"Keeping at it until I get it right? Absolutely," Hernandez shares with a laugh, reflecting on his recent challenges, including two tough losses at 145 pounds. But his resolve is clear, "I know there's potential here, and I'm determined to unlock it."

Hernandez admits the journey hasn’t been easy, with setbacks against Billy Quarantillo and Bill Algeo giving him reasons for reflection and possible rematch aspirations. "It's tough looking ahead without wanting to right those wrongs first," he confesses. However, his focus remains sharp, "If I don't feel I have a distinct advantage at this weight, I won’t stick with it. But right now, I feel stronger and faster than ever."

The journey has not been without humor or introspection. Hernandez quips about the other fighters named Bill in his division, including France's Willian Gomis, signaling both the light-hearted and serious sides of his competitive nature. An unfortunate MCL injury had previously hampered his performance, but Hernandez is now more cautious, prioritizing his health over hasty decisions.

"As fight night approaches, I’m focused on what I can control," he notes, explaining his shift in strategy after injury setbacks. His recent training, enhanced with new coaching, has brought improvements in speed and technique, raising his confidence.

Hernandez looks ahead with a blend of realism and confidence. "I can't afford another loss, but I also feel untouchable—like I’m close to perfection in my training," he states boldly. His career at this stage is not just about fighting; it's about embodying the mindset of a winner, believing in his exceptional capabilities, and turning those beliefs into reality inside the octagon.

"Let's put ourselves in the mindset of a winner," Hernandez declares, his voice full of resolve. "We're better than this; we're special. And I believe it every day in training. Now, it's all about execution on game day." With his eyes set on victory, Hernandez is ready to face his next challenge, determined to make his mark and earn not just victories, but a lasting legacy in the UFC.

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