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The Black Belt Super School Of the Week: Sunnyvale Martial Arts

Updated: May 21

Black Belt Super School List
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Black Belt Magazine proudly showcases exceptional martial arts training programs from around the world. This curated list takes in mind excellence in training, facility and continued growth and achievement in martial arts by their instructors. 

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Black Belt Super School List
Sunnyvale Martial Arts

In the heart of Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale Martial Arts Academy thrives in its 36th year under the stewardship of Teri Lee. From humble beginnings, with just 1,700 square feet and zero students Teri built the school with her family at helm to a massive 9400 square feet with multiple training floors.

Today, the academy boasts over 700 students, offering programs in both Tae Kwon Do and Jiu Jitsu offering 25 classes a day.

Black Belt Super School List

In 2014, Teri's eldest son, Jian Lee, joined her in teaching after graduating from college to carry on the martial arts legacy. Jian began growing the curriculum from Korean arts to the introduction of BJJ. Today the Jiu Jitsu program has also found its way into Sunnyvale Martial Arts as new ways to grow the business and inspire students. 

Black Belt Super School List
Jian Lee a 5th-degree Tae Kwon Do 

Cross training in martial arts. Jian Lee found new inspiration in college with BJJ first under Cesar Gracie then continuing his training under Mike Prudencio. 

Leading the next generation of his family's martial arts academy, Jian commands immense respect within the martial arts community. 

BJJ Grandmaster Ricardo Libório attests to his prowess, stating, “Jian Lee is perhaps the best example of how martial arts build someone’s outstanding character. Son of grandmasters. He grew up at a dojo learning discipline, respect, confidence, and all the other values, but he has this great attitude toward learning and teaching that inspires everyone with whom he is in contact. He symbolizes a great martial artist in all aspects of his life.”

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