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Cannonier Batters Vettori at UFC on ESPN

Jarred Cannonier said he wanted to up his output after losing a dull decision to middleweight champion Israel Adesanya last year. He did that in spades, setting a division record for most significant strikes en route to battering Marvin Vettori over five rounds capturing the main event at UFC on ESPN 47.

Vettori actually opened strong staggering Cannonier several times with straight left hands. Appearing the much bigger, strong man, Vettori seemed in control. But Cannonier kept moving forward and his pressure paid off in the second as he landed a big overhand right that had Vettori in serious trouble. Cannonier than cut kick Vettori's legs out from under him landing some ground and pound and continuing to smash Vettori when he got back to his feet. Though he appeared ready to go out, the Italian fighter somehow managed to last the round and come out fighting in the third.

Vettori was the worse for wear though, his face a bloody mess as Cannonier kept control of the action. He kept snapping Vettori's head back with right hands while mixing in some low kicks and takedowns. In the end, Cannonier took the unanimous decision to run his record to 17-6 as Vettori dropped to 19-7.

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