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Cobra Kai Uniforms are being stolen!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Century Martial Arts Showroom

Century is proud to have among our various uniforms available the Official Cobra Kai Gis styled after the uniforms from the show. But...

Have you tried to get a hold of the newest Cobra Kai Gi’s lately?

Are you tired of seeing them out of stock because of the high demand?

Well one person needed a Gi (an Official Cobra Kai Gi, no less!) so badly, they hatched a plan.

This young man, this desperate soul, went on a mission. A daring and dastardly plan, hell-bent on getting his hands on some of the newest releases of the Cobra kai Gi’s.

Where from?

Why, the largest martial arts supply factory in the us, Century Martial Arts, of course!

When? This very morning!

Did he get away with anything? Yes!

He got one Gi. One! And which one (there are several!), you might ask. The namesake Gi, the Cobra Kai clad uniform? No. The bold Eagle Fang gi? No.

As always in life, irony is abound.

It was the Miyagi Do uniform. The gi aligned with the saintly, do-gooder clan of our dear fiction. The gi of calm, tempered action. The gi of never succumbing to rash, offensive action, when reservation and defense are available.

That, of all the options, was for what he broke the laws of society and common decency. Why the Miyagi-Do gi? Why not get the original Cobra Kai gi or at the very least the Eagle Fang Gi? Well, who can say what lurks in the minds of such knaves, scoundrels, and rogues.

The only thing we can know for certain is this:

If you’re going to trip something, make it your opponent. Not the alarm.

In any case, we wish you (and even our dreaded thief) a safe, secure, and spooky Halloween.

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