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Francis Ngannou Signs With PFL

Francis Ngannou, the biggest free agent in mixed martial arts history, has finally found a new home signing with the Professional Fighters League. Ngannou is expected to debut in the PFL's pay-per-view "Super Fight Division" some time in 2024.

Francis Ngannou

Ngannou abdicated his position as UFC heavyweight champion when his contract with the company expired and the two sides failed to reach an agreement on a new deal in January. One sticking point seemed to be Ngannou's desire to also compete outside the UFC in boxing matches. The new PFL deal will allow him the freedom to box and he's expected to have a match in that sport this year. Though heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury and former champion Deontay Wilder have been teased as possible foes, so far no opponent or date have been named.

Ngannou characterised the new deal as more than anyone else had offered him with reports saying that he'll be guaranteed a high 7-figure purse for each fight with the PFL. Additionally, Ngannou will have the right to secure his own sponsors, will have a role on the PFL's advisory board and serve as chairman of PFL Africa as the company seeks to expand it's operations into that continent.

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