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From Paris Suburbs to Global Stage: Alex Lohoré's Journey to BRAVE CF Debut

Alex Lohoré
Black Belt Plus

European MMA superstar Alex Lohoré is set to make his BRAVE Combat Federation debut at BRAVE CF 83 in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, on May 25 when he goes up against former Super Welterweight champion Marcin Bandel in the main event of BRAVE CF 83.

A four-time MMA champion in the European circuit, Lohoré is stepping into the global stage with hopes of entering the title picture in BRAVE CF and the spotlight will be shining bright on him when he enters the cage at BRAVE CF 83.

While Lohoré is no stranger to the fans of European MMA ahead of his BRAVE CF debut, reaching this point was easier said than done for the French fighter.

Born in France from Ivorian parents, Lohoré grew up in the tough suburbs of Paris. Growing up as an only child, Lohoré lived alone with his mother until he was 15. His father was absent, and his mother struggled to provide for them, often working long hours. The environment was dangerous, and Lohoré learned early on about the harsh realities of life. 

At 15, Lohoré’s life took a dramatic turn. His mother made the difficult decision to send him to England to stay with his uncle for a month-long vacation. However, Lohoré was not aware of one thing: the plan all along was for him to stay there permanently. 

His mother believed that this move was necessary for his future, even though it meant tricking him into leaving behind his friends, his girlfriend, and everything familiar back in France. Initially, Lohoré was devastated, feeling abandoned and crying for two years. Despite the initial hiccup, this move changed his life, and he's full of gratitude for his mother's difficult decision.

Adjusting to life in England was not easy. Lohoré had to learn English, adapt to a new culture, and find his footing in an unfamiliar environment. He did odd jobs and finally settled in an IT job which allowed him to travel throughout Europe. It was at this point that Lohoré came across the sport of MMA.

Although he had tried out boxing at 17, financial constraints had forced him to quit. With a more stable financial situation thanks to his IT job, Lohoré immersed himself in MMA training. He began with amateur bouts, quickly realizing his potential and the desire to express himself fully in the sport. The rest, as they say, is history.

He transformed into one of the most sought-after athletes in the European MMA scene, going on to win titles in four different organizations, and fighting the likes of former BRAVE CF stars Joilton Lutterbach, Carl Booth, and Olli Santalahti, as well as Colin Fletcher, Dan Vinni, Karlos Vemola, and Richard Kiely. 

Lohoré now stands at the doorsteps of the most global MMA organization in the world and is preparing to take on the former Super Welterweight world champion in the main event of BRAVE CF 83.

A win over Bandel could signal a full-circle moment for Lohoré: with BRAVE CF confirmed to return to France later in the year, Alex could potentially be in line for his first-ever fight on French soil. 

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