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Hamza Kooheji on Mohammed Alsameea: ‘He’s the future of Bahrain in BRAVE CF and MMA’

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Bahraini icon has earmarked Alsameea as a future hero of the sport and has hailed him as ‘’a fighter with heart and no fear’’

Mohammed AlSameea in BRAVE CF 72

As the number one fighter in Bahrain’s history, Hamza Kooheji is in the best position to analyze the future of the sport of MMA in the Kingdom. And as he’s currently sidelined with injury and unable to represent his beloved country and the Arab world at the Arab Legends vs UK & Ireland duel that will take place during BRAVE CF 80, December 15, at the Khalifa Sports City Arena, Hamza is putting his hopes on young Mohammed ‘’Zuhair’’ Alsameaa.

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The 20-year-old has recently turned professional following a victorious run in the amateur scene, and a world silver medal in the IMMAF Championships.

And ‘’Zuhair’’ will be in action at BRAVE CF 80, when he will face Yehia Ashraf, and Hamza has spoken of his beginnings, and hailed the young man from KHK as one to watch out in the future – and now. They trained together since Alsameea was beginning.

‘’ Zuhair came to the gym when he was young. He trained with Yousif (Kooheji) much more than with me. I wasn’t always available at that time because I would train around the world. When I used to see him, he was 12 or 13 and really motivated. The good thing about him is that he has a heart, he’s not afraid. He is a really good fighter and is not afraid to give his 100% all the time’’.

Mohammed Alsameea is now earmarked as the next man to take over the sport in Bahrain and, as a Flyweight, he will be hoping to make a similar impact worldwide as the one made by Hamza Kooheji, one of his idols. His next step towards reaching that goal will be on December 15, at BRAVE CF 80.

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