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Happy Birthday Bruce Lee! Watch His Classics Here!

Updated: Jan 3

Bruce Lee Return of the Dragon

To celebrate the GOAT, you can watch this classics here on Black Belt+

Here are our two favorites. First is Return of the Dragon:

“Return of the Dragon” also known as “The Way of the Dragon” is a 1972 Hong Kong martial arts action-comedy film written, co-produced, directed by and starring Bruce Lee. The film co-stars Nora Miao, Robert Wall, Wei Ping-ou, and Chuck Norris—launching Norris into his own super stardom. The scope of the set is huge, and by huge we mean colossal, as in the major fight scene is set at the Colosseum in Rome. Simply iconic.

Bruce Lee Return of the Dragon

“The Chinese Connection" might be the ultimate martial arts movie from the ultimate martial arts superstar Bruce Lee. This 1972 classic delivered the iconic line “you killed my teacher” and introduced the nunchuck to the world. The original name of the movie was “Fist of Fury,” then released in America as “Chinese Connection.” But Bruce Lee had another movie called “Fist of Fury” so to avoid confusion they called that movie “The Big Boss”…confused yet? Don’t worry. Just follow the link to watch this legendary movie of many names!

Bruce Lee Chinese Connection

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