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Jéssica Andrade Hits the Prelims at UFC 300 and She's Not Stopping There!

Jéssica Andrade

Black Belt Plus

As the T-Mobile Arena dims its lights on April 13 for UFC 300 and Jéssica Andrade's entrance music starts, an event almost as extraordinary as a recent eclipse will unfold: Andrade will compete in the preliminaries, a rarity in her illustrious career.

“It's been eight years,” she revealed to “My UFC debut wasn't even on the prelims; I fought Liz Carmouche on the main card. After that, only three of my fights were prelims, and it's been main events since then. For the first time, I'll fight then head home to catch the rest of the card.”

This adjustment underscores the extraordinary depth of the UFC 300 lineup, relegating even former champions like Andrade to earlier fights. She isn't bothered though, recognizing the overall strength of the event. “Every fight feels like a main event from the opening bout to the last,” Andrade expressed with a smile.

The UFC 300 card is a masterpiece of matchmaking, featuring 13 high-caliber fights. Securing Andrade for the event was likely an easy decision for UFC organizers, given her record-setting ten post-fight bonuses—the most among female fighters in UFC history.

Andrade's UFC tenure has been marked by memorable victories across three weight classes, including standout knockouts and intense battles that garnered her numerous Fight of the Night honors. Her adaptability and fierce competitive spirit have made her a formidable opponent in women’s MMA.

This weekend, she faces Marina Rodriguez, a fellow Brazilian with a striking Muay Thai background. Both competitors are familiar with each other's techniques, having shared the same training spaces and management teams.

“I know Marina’s ready for my style, and I’m prepared for hers,” Andrade stated confidently. Despite being noticeably shorter than most of her opponents, Andrade has turned her stature into an advantage, consistently overcoming taller fighters.

Andrade, now a Las Vegas resident, is particularly excited about watching the co-main event for the women’s strawweight title later that evening. “It’s a significant bout, and I’m eager to see the outcome,” she commented, hinting at her aspirations to reclaim the title and become a multi-time champion.

At 32, Andrade's ambitions in the UFC are as vibrant as ever, driven by her proven prowess and the dynamic nature of the strawweight division. She is determined to join the ranks of fighters who have won the championship multiple times, viewing every fight as a step towards that goal.

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