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JESSE ENKAMP "the Karate Nerd" on Training in Japan (PART 1 Video)

jesse enkamp

Black Belt Publisher George Chung sat down with Jesse Enkamp who calls himself “The Karate Nerd.” Jesse is a  #1 best-selling author, entrepreneur, traveler, athlete, educator, and founder of Seishin International.

His passion for Karate started in his parents’ dojo and expanded into a lifelong adventure traveling the world, competing, meeting masters, and learning more about martial arts. With more than 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, over half a million on Facebook, and hundreds of thousands across other platforms, he’s created an army of fellow “Karate Nerds,” and we are thrilled to see it!

In this clip, Jesse talks about his training in Japan!

Check out the full interview where George challenges Jesse’s knowledge of martial arts masters, they discuss his upbringing, and his fear of Master Ken!

You can connect with Jesse online here:

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