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Muay Thai King Rodtang Returns to Action Against Denis Puric in a High-Stakes Kickboxing Clash at ONE 167

Rodtang Jitmuangnon
Black Belt Plus

Rodtang Jitmuangnon will be back in action on Friday, June 7, when he squares off with Denis Puric at ONE 167: Tawanchai vs. Nattawut II.

The flyweight Muay Thai king will don the large gloves as he meets Puric in a kickboxing affair sure to excite the crowd inside the Impact Arena in Bangkok. It is a match Puric has been calling for and has finally gotten, and Rodtang has been impressed with his run to earn the match.

“I have known Denis Puric for a long time. Since he first joined ONE, he has been calling for me from the beginning. Thank you for always thinking of me,” Rodtang told ONE.

“I respect him for his determination because it’s really difficult to run through many opponents to reach me. You have to fight to put yourself into the rankings to challenge me. He tried his best and managed to face me. I have to respect his fighting spirit.”

“The Iron Man” has plenty of challengers in the Muay Thai and kickboxing ranks chomping at the bit to face him. Although Puric has caught his eye with past performances, Rodtang left everything up to the ONE Championship matchmakers.

With the bout finally inked, the Thai superstar has been able to delve deeper into what has made Puric one of the toughest flyweights in the game.

“Puric built himself up to call me out. It’s his right to do that. He wants to fight with the best. I just waited for ONE’s matchmakers to approve it because I’m ready to fight anyone,” the Thai star remarked.

“He is very good. He beat Tagir Khalilov and Jacob Smith, so I think he deserves to face me. In his fight with Yodlekpet, I could see this guy is a veteran fighter, and he is more than ready to fight me.”

At the top of his game, it would be easy for Rodtang to have an ego. However, “The Iron Man” is adamant that he never takes an opponent’s skills for granted.

As such, he is preparing for Puric to bring his A-game into the match on June 7 and has been looking at his greatest strengths inside the Circle.

“I never think that I had an advantage over anyone. I just want to do my best in every fight. Everyone has talent and strength. I never underestimate my opponent. They’re all good. I need to do my homework as best I can,” Rodtang expressed.

“Denis’ strengths are that he can get in and out quickly. And he is a heavy hitter, good at countering with punches, kicks, and knees.”

“His weakness is that he seems to run out of gas at the end of the round. And his weak body will be a good target for me.”

Rodtang is becoming eager for the bell to ring at ONE 167. “The Iron Man” is excited to get back to what he does best and is ready to show out in front of the Bangkok crowd again.

With the hard work done in the gym, Rodtang has a straightforward message left for Puric.

“Let’s see how it goes in the ring. I’m glad you think that I’m no match for you. Thank you for calling me out. See you on June 7, when you will know what hell on earth is,” Rodtang said.

ONE 167 airs live on Prime Video on Friday, June 7, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. The event is free for all Amazon Prime members based in the U.S. and Canada.

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