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Khai “The Shadow” Wu: On Seizing Imperfect Opportunities (PART 1 Video)

khai wu black belt

PFL MMA fighter Khai Wu, from Tracy, CA, fights in the bantamweight (135 lbs) division and trains at the Onmi Movement MMA and Dave Camerillo’s Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu. You may recognize Wu as Mark Zuckerberg's trainer and as one of a few MMA fighters who have given a TED talk. His talk was titled “Play With The Cards You’re Dealt."  As a Taiwanese American fighter it's his personal mission to help grow the sport of MMA in Asia.

In this clip Khai "The Shadow" Wu talks about tackling each opportunity with the tools you have.

Watch the exclusive full interview HERE!

To connect with Khai, visit:

Instagram: @shadowkhai

X/Twitter: @khaiwu

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