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Professional Fighters League Signs Jake Paul to MMA Contract

jake paul

As first reported by the New York Times, the Professional Fighters League has signed internet influencer turned wannabe pro boxer Jake Paul to a contract to compete in mixed martial arts. Paul will supposedly compete in a new "super fight" category with bouts held outside the PFL's normal tournament format and televised exclusively on pay-per-view.


Paul, 6-0 as a boxer with all his bouts coming against other internet influencers, basketball players and retired mixed martial artists but no legitimate boxers, has never fought in mixed martial arts. PFL chairman Donn Davis said it could be at least a year before Paul is ready for his first MMA bout. Paul has been calling for a two-fight series against former UFC contender Nate Diaz, one in boxing and one in MMA with the PFL.

Paul also acquired an equity stake in the PFL and was given the title "Head of Fighter Advocacy" which, according to the Times, means he'll primarily make social media posts about the organization. The super fight division will reportedly offer fighters a 50-50 split of the pay-per-view revenue, which is a much better percentage than the UFC offers. However, the UFC PPVs draw far more viewers with reports claiming the PFL's first PPV event last year on ESPN+ couldn't top 10,000 buys.

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