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Russian Judo Federation Boycotts Paris Olympics Over IOC Athlete Selection Controversy

Russian Judokas
via Tamara Kulumbegashvili - IJF | Judo Inside
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Amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions, the Russian Judo Federation has decided to boycott the upcoming Paris Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently finalized its list of judokas eligible to compete, limiting Russian participation to just four athletes out of seventeen who qualified based on Olympic ranking standards.

The decision by the IOC has sparked widespread debate, with critics arguing that it undermines the Olympic spirit of fair competition and inclusivity.

The Russian Judo Federation, in a unanimous decision by its Presidium, condemned the IOC's selection process as unsportsmanlike and detrimental to the integrity of the Games.

By withdrawing from the Paris Olympics, the Russian Federation aims to protest what it perceives as divisive and politically motivated athlete selection criteria. They assert that the exclusion of their athletes diminishes the credibility and competitiveness of the Olympics, emphasizing the need for reforms to restore the core values of Olympism.

This move is seen as a significant stand against what the Federation views as attempts to undermine the unity and purity of sport on the global stage.

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