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  • Judo Blog: Judo vs. MMA: Things to Know Before Choosing One

    In Judo have our own Tour, the IJF World Judo Tour in various places around the globe where athletes When looking at the disciplines of judo and MMA, there is definitely respect, but in advance that is Before we start a comparison of Judo vs MMA, let us understand the basics. What Is MMA? What Is Judo? The discipline of judo began as just that, a discipline. , so they can build out judo.

  • Judo Falling Being Taught as a Way to Prevent Injuries

    Blog for this week. Sensei Gary Goltz Teaching Forward Ukemi (with his son Nathan in the background) Here's the routine ( Judo Falls Save All: Tua Tagovailoa Hopes Judo Will Help Him Learn to Avoid Head Injuries The Dolphins (Submitted by Jean-François Marceau) Judo Quebec started the initiative, which now includes three judo Junior Olympics, Shreveport, LA 24th Saturday - Sensei Gary's Birthday Scrimmage, Claremont, CA 25th

  • Judo Blog: Autism and Judo

    So, for my blog this week I share this article by Tayeba Hussein. ’s Judo Club. “I had no idea what judo was. Please send them to, thanks. Sensei Gary Goltz being wished a Happy 70th Birthday by his kids judo class 6-26-23 Sensei Gary Goltz

  • Judo Blog: The True Spirit of Judo, Down Under!

    My friend and colleague David Black from Australia recently submitted this for my weekly Black Belt Blog The school is one of the oldest and most respected Judo clubs in Australia. And yes, Arthur Moorshead was her coach, at Caulfield Judo Centre. She won medals at the Commonwealth Games, Olympics and European Judo Championships. Caulfield Judo Centre will always be my family.

  • Day 4 of Judo at the 2024 Paris Olympics: Anticipated Showdowns in Judo's Middleweight Categories

    The fourth day of the Judo tournament at the 2024 Paris Olympics is set to be electrifying, showcasing She is part of a robust Canadian judo team aiming for Olympic success. With Kosovo's impressive Olympic judo record, Fazliu hopes to add her name to the list of Olympic champions Representing Austria, Wachid Borchashvili will carry his family's legacy in Paris, although he is not These categories are stacked with talent, ensuring an exciting day of judo that could see unexpected

  • Judo Blog: Innovation and Leadership, the Judo way

    Seven elements of teambuilding… Device of Judo (and all kind ) coaching. Championships Results and medals for 2023 Junior Olympic National Championships Sensei Gary Goltz on Lifting in Judo Using a Tonfa as an Aid - 6-17-23 Sensei Gary Goltz demonstrates the proper New Video on Proper Lifting in Judo Using a Tonfa as an Aid Sensei Gary Goltz demonstrates the proper Please send them to, thanks.

  • Thrilling Judo Showdowns Await on Day Six of the Paris Olympics

    Day six of the Paris Olympics will showcase the highly competitive judo categories for women under 78kg Jorge Fonseca, also a double World Champion in this category, is known for his explosive and aggressive judo big or go home" attitude makes him a thrilling athlete to watch, aiming for nothing less than gold in Paris Day six promises to be a spectacle of high-level judo, with each match potentially turning the tide for Olympic pressure, ensures that the audience will witness some of the most thrilling and unpredictable judo

  • 2024 Olympics: Will Japan's Judo Dominance Continue in Paris?

    Despite these challenges, Japan excelled, particularly in judo, a sport where they have historically This article delves into Japan’s formidable judo legacy and their aspirations for the 2024 Summer Olympic Japan’s prowess in judo is well-documented, with a rich history of success that dates back to the Tokyo The All Japan Judo Federation recently finalized their Olympic team, including Tokyo 2020 gold medalist Japan’s judo athletes undergo a rigorous training regimen at the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo.

  • A History of Olympic Judo: Milestones, Champions, and Global Impact

    Judo, a martial art originating in Japan, made its Olympic debut at the 1964 Tokyo Games and has since Federation (IJF), which governs judo competitions worldwide. Significant Moments in Olympic Judo History 1964 Tokyo Olympics: Judo debuted with four men's weight Notably, Anton Geesink's victory in the open category marked a shift in judo's landscape, challenging Japan's dominance and highlighting the sport's global appeal. 1972 Munich Olympics: Judo returned to

  • Judo Blog: Judo Meets Japanese Culture in the USA

    Here a recent article written by Nicolas Messner I wanted to share as my Black Belt Blog for this week and the symbiotic relationship that sumo and judo share. Judo is a sport of values. Veterans Judo Open, Myrtle Beach, SC September - 2023 17th Sunday - Nevada State Judo Championship, Please send them to, thanks.

  • Exploring Judo's Distinctive Role and Impact at the Paris 2024 Olympics

    As the 2024 Paris Olympic Games approach, judo, a martial art with roots in the ancient samurai traditions Introduction to Judo at the Paris 2024 Olympics Since its Olympic debut in 1964, judo has showcased the At Paris 2024, judo will feature 372 athletes competing over eight days from July 27 to August 3, across Key Contenders in Judo for Paris 2024 The judo events at Paris 2024 are eagerly anticipated, with several With France's profound judo tradition, the 2024 Paris Olympics offers a significant stage for demonstrating

  • Emerging Judo Stars to Watch at the 2024 Paris Olympics

    The judo competition at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games is set to capture the attention of fans worldwide Who are the breakout judo stars at the 2024 Paris Olympics? The Paris Games offer a prime opportunity for emerging talents to shine. women’s division, Anna-Maria Wagner of Germany and Christa Deguchi of Canada represent the future of judo The Tokyo 2020 gold medalist continues to excel in judo despite recent motherhood.

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