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  • The Difference Between Judo And Karate The Difference Between Judo And Karate Gary Goltz 13–17 minutos For my Black Belt Blog The History Of Judo Judo, a Japanese martial art, was initially referred Here are some of the benefits of learning judo: Advantages Of Learning Judo It helps grow strength and Attention Judo Veterans - Register Now for the Veterans Judo Open - Myrtle Beach August 26th, 2023. Please send them to, thanks

  • Is Judo Effective in a Street Fight?

    Can judo be useful in a street fight? Or could it actually be a hindrance? Judo, a martial art with a focus on throws and grappling techniques, has gained popularity as both a Understanding Judo: Judo, developed by Jigoro Kano in the late 19th century, emphasizes using an opponent's Applying Judo Principles in Street Fights: Judo's principles, such as maximum efficiency with minimum However, it's essential to acknowledge the limitations of judo in street fights.

  • Judo Blog: Catching Up on Kayla & Ronda

    I’ve been tracking articles on two of my favorite female American Judo Champions Ronda Rousey and Kayla Kayla's former roommate and Judo teammate. At Castelldefels, USA Judo sent one coach, which was more than we usually had. Please inform the judo community of the recent development, Boris Munoz. Please send them to

  • Why Should Judo be in the MMA's Spotlight

    Judo Is an Effective Martial Art The first and most obvious reason why judo belongs in the MMA's spotlight Nathan Goltz Teaching Judo at UCS 2023 For the past year Nathan Goltz, 5th Dan in Judo, 1st Dan in Updates: Japanese culture event at Kimono exhibition in Paris | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News More on the Judo Junior Olympics, Shreveport, LA 24th Saturday - Sensei Gary's Birthday Scrimmage, Claremont, CA 25th Please send them to, thanks.

  • Ronaldo Veitia Valdivie, Judo's Winningest Olympic Coach, Dies

    Ronaldo Veitia Valdivie, the former head of the Cuban national women's judo team and one of the most successful coaches in judo history, passed away Monday in Cuba at the age of 75. He coached them in the Olympics from 1992, when women's judo first became a medal sport, through the In 2018 he was inducted into the International Judo Federation's hall of fame.

  • Judo Blog: Why I Will Never Fight MMA

    To round out my series of blogs on Women’s Judo, this story which appeared recently in MMA Fighting written Samantha Garcia (Harbor Judo Dojo -48kg) 🥉 Jenna Schurr (unaffiliated -52kg) 🥇 Joshua Yang (LA Judo club - 60kg) 🥇 Jonathan Yang (LA Judo Club -60kg) 🥈 Jacob Yang (LA Judo Club -66kg) 🥉 Bryan Davis (LA Tenri Judo Dojo -81kg)🥉 Davit Aghasaryan (LA Tenri Judo Dojo 90kg) 🥈 Tokuzo Takahashi (LA Tenri Please send them to, thanks.

  • Ippon Again! Excellent Introduction To Judo

    For my Black Belt Judo Blog this week I want to share this article recently written by James Hurtado. Teaches the Fundamentals of Judo Judo, the art of throwing and grappling was invented by Dr. Audiences will also learn the rules of judo matches such as the scoring methods: ippon and waza-ari Junior Olympics, Shreveport, LA 24th Saturday - Sensei Gary's Birthday Scrimmage, Claremont, CA 25th Please send them to

  • Judo is Equally Suitable for Women and Men

    / video 2 that were recently featured on the IJF’s website that I wanted to share as my Black Belt Blog judo. judo, I am sure. Junior Olympics, Shreveport, LA 24th Saturday - Sensei Gary's Birthday Scrimmage, Claremont, CA 25th Please send them to, thanks.

  • 2 New Grappling Books Focus on Details of Judo, Jujitsu

    Recently, I spoke with Steve Scott, who has an eighth degree in judo and a seventh degree in shingitai This is precisely why Steve Scott has not just one but two YouTube channels: JBBA Judo Education Channel With content varying in length from seconds to several minutes, the material suits the needs of dedicated (seventh degree, world judo champion).

  • Proven Judo Arm Lock for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

    This Proven Judo Arm Lock Can Be Your Secret Weapon in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Too! Such is the case with waki-gatame, a time-honored judo arm lock that manifests, with slight variations Judo Arm Lock for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: “Lost” Arm Lock Ude-hishigi-waki-gatame is often called simply Because waki-gatame is an integral component of judo, it will be examined here mostly from a judo perspective locks are now forbidden in judo contests.

  • Leon Jay on Small-Circle Jujitsu, Small-Circle Judo & Classical Martial Arts in Modern Age

    In addition to his education in small-circle judo and jujitsu, which started at age 2 courtesy of his He earned a first-degree black belt in Kodokan judo and taekwondo, as well as a third degree in kodenkan and he could because he had trained in boxing and other arts prior to and alongside his jujitsu and judo Leon says he’s also trying to return small-circle judo back to the prominence it once had. all our camps, which is wonderful because small-circle jujitsu wouldn’t exist without small-circle judo

  • UFC 299: MVP Debuts Against Holland, Yan Battles Song, Burns Faces Maddalena, Gary Takes on Neal

    Ian Gary vs. Geoff Neal: Rising Stars Collide The card also features an intriguing welterweight bout between Ian Gary

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