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  • Paris Olympics 2024 - Judo Day Highlights: Who Will Follow Up Distria Krasniqi and Naohisa Takato at Day 1, Key Contenders in Lightweight Divisions

    The inaugural judo events at the Paris Olympic 2024 Games are scheduled for Saturday, July 27th, with a crowd favorite and European champion from Montpellier 2023, alongside her victory at this year’s Paris Martinez Abelenda, although facing a tougher path by rankings, showcases the unpredictable nature of judo With Japan's storied history in judo, expectations are high for Nagayama. This setting heralds a thrilling commencement to the judo competitions in Paris, promising unpredictability

  • Tulika Maan: Aiming to Reshape Indian Judo at the 2024 Paris Olympics

    At 25, this heavyweight judoka from New Delhi has become a beacon of hope for Indian judo, ready to propel Early Years and Entry into Judo Tulika was born in 1998 in New Delhi, starting her judo journey at the These accomplishments highlight her consistency and prowess in international judo. Life Beyond Judo When not on the mat, Tulika is a student at DDU Gorakhpur University and has diverse medal that would elevate the status of judo in India.

  • 2024 Olympic Judo Day 3: Thrilling Battles Await with Top Contenders in Action

    2024 Olympic Games Day 3 falls on Monday, July 29th, promises another round of thrilling judo action

  • Dominating the Tatami: The Remarkable Journey of Judo Champion Teddy Riner

    In the realm of judo, one name towers above all others: Teddy "Teddy Bear” Riner. Photo credit Judo Inside Growing up in Les Abymes in the Caribbean, Judo Champion Teddy Riner's extraordinary Guided by his Sensei Alain Perriot at Paris Judo and later Judo Club Bolivar, Riner dedicated himself , solidifying his status as a true legend of judo. Throughout his journey, Riner has proudly represented multiple clubs, including Paris Judo, Judo Club

  • Paris Olympics Judo Day Two: Top Contenders and Medal Predictions for U52kg and U66kg Categories

    Day Two of judo at the Paris Olympic Games will take place on Sunday, July 28th, featuring competitors heartfelt performances, Buchard, a silver medalist from Tokyo, is aiming to reach the top of the podium in Paris The Abes are set to create another magical moment in Paris, yet several competitors are prepared to challenge Each of the top three seeds from Tokyo is poised for success again in Paris, joined by other strong contenders The judo arena in Paris is set for dramatic bouts and potential upsets, with every athlete aiming to

  • Neutral Judo Team Announced for Paris Olympics 2024: Key Selections and Prospects

    The lineup of neutral judo athletes, primarily Russian, has been finalized for the upcoming Paris Olympics Russia, which faced a boycott and was absent from the IJF World Judo Tour, has made a significant comeback strong prospects for Taimazova among the women, the team is well-positioned for potential success in Paris

  • Top 5 Iconic Olympic Ippons: Moments of Judo Mastery

    Judo, a martial art that exemplifies the principles of balance, leverage, and technique, has been an Among the many moves in judo, the ippon stands out as the epitome of skill—a perfectly executed maneuver Tadahiro Nomura’s Triple Olympic Triumph (1996, 2000, 2004) Tadahiro Nomura of Japan remains a judo legend by winning back-to-back gold medals in 2012 and 2016, becoming the first American to achieve this in judo barriers at the 1964 Tokyo Games by becoming the first non-Japanese judoka to win an Olympic gold in judo

  • The Difference Between Judo And Karate The Difference Between Judo And Karate Gary Goltz 13–17 minutos For my Black Belt Blog The History Of Judo Judo, a Japanese martial art, was initially referred Here are some of the benefits of learning judo: Advantages Of Learning Judo It helps grow strength and Attention Judo Veterans - Register Now for the Veterans Judo Open - Myrtle Beach August 26th, 2023. Please send them to, thanks

  • Why Should Judo be in the MMA's Spotlight

    Judo Is an Effective Martial Art The first and most obvious reason why judo belongs in the MMA's spotlight Nathan Goltz Teaching Judo at UCS 2023 For the past year Nathan Goltz, 5th Dan in Judo, 1st Dan in Updates: Japanese culture event at Kimono exhibition in Paris | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News More on the Judo Junior Olympics, Shreveport, LA 24th Saturday - Sensei Gary's Birthday Scrimmage, Claremont, CA 25th Please send them to, thanks.

  • Olympic Judo Champion Gella Vandecaveye Fights Childhood Blindness in Rwanda with Crowdfunding

    Olympic judo gold medalist Gella Vandecaveye is leveraging her platform to combat a preventable crisis

  • Is Judo Effective in a Street Fight?

    Can judo be useful in a street fight? Or could it actually be a hindrance? Judo, a martial art with a focus on throws and grappling techniques, has gained popularity as both a Understanding Judo: Judo, developed by Jigoro Kano in the late 19th century, emphasizes using an opponent's Applying Judo Principles in Street Fights: Judo's principles, such as maximum efficiency with minimum However, it's essential to acknowledge the limitations of judo in street fights.

  • Judo Blog: Why I Will Never Fight MMA

    To round out my series of blogs on Women’s Judo, this story which appeared recently in MMA Fighting written Samantha Garcia (Harbor Judo Dojo -48kg) 🥉 Jenna Schurr (unaffiliated -52kg) 🥇 Joshua Yang (LA Judo club - 60kg) 🥇 Jonathan Yang (LA Judo Club -60kg) 🥈 Jacob Yang (LA Judo Club -66kg) 🥉 Bryan Davis (LA Tenri Judo Dojo -81kg)🥉 Davit Aghasaryan (LA Tenri Judo Dojo 90kg) 🥈 Tokuzo Takahashi (LA Tenri Please send them to, thanks.

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