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The Challenger: Maritza Sanchez

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

maritza sanchez

Maritza Sanchez began her professional career with Combate Global dating back to December 2019 when she suffered a defeat against Kristina Pettigrew by rear naked choke in the first round at 4:01. She went undefeated in 2021 and plans to continue to pick up more wins in 2022.

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Combate Global History:

(11-18-22) Sanchez defeated Dee Begley by techincal knockout in the first round at 2:45.

(4-15-22) Sanchez defeated Aitana Alvarez by unanimous decision.

(9-17-2021) Sanchez defeated Elizabeth Schroder by split decision.

(2-28-2020) Sanchez defeated Lucero Acosta by rear naked choke submission at 2:35 in the first round.

(12-13-2019) Sanchez lost to Kristina Pettigrew by way of rear naked choke in the first round at 4:01

Most recently: Maritza won a unanimous decision (29-28 on all scorecards) over Elina Kallionidou from Greece on Saturday, December 9.


We talked with the rising star about her fight prep and rituals:

What is your approach to food after the weigh in?

My approach to food after weigh-ins is getting some natural fruits after liquids and then going in for some greens and pasta (gotta have carbs), then I'll treat myself with a cookie or something. And repeat.

Describe your pre-fight playlist?

My pre-fight playlist is all over the place. I'll listen to reggae normally to start. Then it can change to Spanish corridos, cumbias. Once I'm in the zone I start listening to rap music, but it generally is a mix of everything.

Do you have any fight day superstitions?

No, I don't think I do. I just feed off energy. Good energy.

Is there a specific person that always helps you warm up?

Yes, my head coach always helps me to warm up.

Who is the last person you call pre-fight? 

The last person I call right before and right after my fight is my mom.

What’s going through your mind as you make the ring-walk?

I try to enjoy the moment and notice everything around me, but a lot of things can run through my head as I'm walking out. I could be saying positive affirmations to myself, I could be thinking of family, I could be talking to God, I could be thinking of all the hard work and sacrifices I went through to get to that moment.

Once you see your opponent in the ring for the first time, is there anything that you're looking for?

I notice their facial expressions, I can usually tell how nervous they are.

What goes through your mind the first time you get hit?

The first thing that goes through my mind as soon as I get hit is, "attack."

maritza sanchez

How difficult is it to control your anger during a fight?

I don't find anger to be an issue during a fight. I always try to maintain calm.

How often do you hear the crowd?

I'm really in tune with my corner and try to flare everything else out. Unless it's someone I know that's in the crowd, I can hear their voice stand out.

Who is the first person you call post-fight?

The first person I always call post-fight is my mom.

Is your post-fight routine different after a win vs. after a loss?

Not necessarily, I tend to go grab some food after each fight and just relax.

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