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UFC Fight Night 2024: Ankalaev vs Walker 2 - A Spectacular Start to the New Year at UFC Apex

Ankalaev vs Walker 2

The UFC is set to kick off 2024 with an electrifying event at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on January 13. UFC Fight Night Ankalaev vs Walker 2 promises a lineup brimming with talent and anticipation, as fighters from various weight classes showcase their skills.

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Here is a complete breakdown of fights at the UFC Fight Night 2024: Ankalaev vs Walker 2.

Main Event: Magomed Ankalaev vs. Johnny Walker II (Light Heavyweight)

Magomed Ankalaev and Johnny Walker first clashed in a fight that was marked by intense exchanges and tactical manoeuvres. Ankalaev, known for his disciplined approach and striking accuracy, faced off against Walker, a fighter renowned for his unorthodox style and knockout power. The first bout was a display of Ankalaev's control and Walker's resilience, with Ankalaev emerging victorious.

The rematch was fuelled by the close nature of their first encounter. Walker, having demonstrated his ability to withstand Ankalaev's offense and deliver his own powerful strikes, argued for a second chance to prove his capability. Meanwhile, Ankalaev saw the rematch as an opportunity to solidify his dominance in the light heavyweight division and dismiss any doubts about his first victory.

Magomed Ankalaev faces Johnny Walker in a highly anticipated rematch at the UFC Apex.

Ankalaev, known for his striking precision and Walker for his dynamic and unpredictable style, are expected to deliver a clash that could have significant implications for the division.

Co-Main Event: Matheus Nicolau vs. Manel Kape II (Flyweight)

Matheus Nicolau and Manel Kape's initial meeting was a tightly contested affair showcasing Nicolau's grappling prowess and Kape's dynamic striking. The fight was a chess match of sorts, with each fighter having moments of dominance. Nicolau ultimately secured a victory, but the fight left fans and analysts debating the outcome.

The call for a rematch was driven by the competitive nature of their first fight and the ongoing debate among fans and pundits over who truly had the edge. Kape, eager to demonstrate that he could overcome Nicolau's grappling and impose his striking, pushed for a second bout. Nicolau accepted the challenge, keen to prove that his victory was no fluke and that he could adapt and overcome Kape's striking improvements.

The co-main event features a flyweight battle between Matheus Nicolau and Manel Kape.

Both fighters come into this rematch with something to prove, and their contrasting styles - Nicolau's grappling versus Kape's striking - make this a must-watch for tactical fight fans.

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Main Card: Jim Miller vs. Gabriel Benítez (Lightweight)

Veteran Jim Miller takes on Gabriel Benítez in the lightweight division. Miller’s experience and ground game could be the key against Benítez's striking prowess, offering a classic grappler vs. striker matchup.

Main Card: Ketlen Vieira vs. Macy Chiasson (Bantamweight)

In the women's bantamweight division, Ketlen Vieira faces Macy Chiasson. Vieira’s grappling and judo skills will be tested against Chiasson’s striking and athleticism, making this fight an intriguing stylistic matchup.

Main Card: Ricky Simón vs. Mario Bautista (Bantamweight)

Ricky Simón and Mario Bautista will go head-to-head in another bantamweight bout. Both known for their well-rounded skills, this fight could go anywhere from striking exchanges to grappling contests.

Main Card: Phil Hawes vs. Brunno Ferreira (Middleweight)

The middleweight clash between Phil Hawes and Brunno Ferreira is expected to be a display of power and technique. Hawes, with his wrestling background, and Ferreira, known for his striking, are set to put on an explosive performance.

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Preliminary Card Highlights

  • Andrei Arlovski vs. Waldo Cortes-Acosta (Heavyweight): A battle of experience vs. youth, with Arlovski's veteran savvy against Cortes-Acosta’s raw power.

  • Matthew Semelsberger vs. Preston Parsons (Welterweight): Expect a high-paced fight with both fighters known for their aggressive styles.

  • Marcus McGhee vs. Gaston Bolaños (Bantamweight): A potentially fast-paced and technical bout.

  • Farid Basharat vs. Taylor Lapilus (Bantamweight): A chance for both fighters to climb the ranks.

  • Westin Wilson vs. Jean Silva (Featherweight): Expect a strategic battle with a mix of striking and grappling.

  • Felipe Bunes vs. Denys Bondar (Flyweight): A showdown of emerging talents in the flyweight division.

  • Tom Nolan vs. Nikolas Motta (Lightweight): A match that could be a stand-up war or a grappling showcase.

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UFC Fight Night Ankalaev vs Walker 2 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas sets the tone for the year with a card full of potential showstoppers. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, each fight offers a unique blend of styles and strategies, promising a night of unforgettable action for MMA fans worldwide. As the first event of 2024, it's not just a display of individual talent but a preview of what to expect in the UFC throughout the yea

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