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Where Martial Arts Originated? Asked and Answered

How Martial Arts Started
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Where Martial Arts Originated?

Martial arts, literally translated as "military arts," encompass a range of trained unarmed combat techniques. The origins of martial arts vary depending on the historical perspective. In Ancient Greece, a form of empty-hand combat called Pankration dates back to 648 BCE. The Chinese martial arts tradition cites Shuai Chiao as one of its oldest forms, with origins over 2,000 years ago, possibly mentioned even earlier in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. In India, references to martial arts are found in the Dhanurveda, a section of the Vedas from 1500 BCE to 1100 BCE. African martial arts traditions can be traced back to Egypt's Beni Hasan system, depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork from as early as 3000 BCE.


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