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Action Flick Pick: The Painter 

The Painter
Black Belt Plus

"An ex-CIA operative is thrown back into a dangerous world when a mysterious woman from his past resurfaces. Now exposed and targeted by a relentless killer and a rogue black ops program, he must rely on skills he thought he left behind."

Peter Barrett, a former CIA operative portrayed by Charlie Weber, resides in rural Oregon, leading a secluded life as a painter following a tragic incident 17 years ago. This event caused a rupture in his relationship with his estranged wife, fellow agent Elena Maran, played by Ryila McIntosh, stemming from the loss of their unborn child. 

Peter's solitude is shattered when Sophia, portrayed by Madison Bailey, arrives, claiming to be the daughter of him and Elena, and appears to be targeted by CIA assassins. 

Seeking aid from his mentor and adoptive father, Henry Byrne, played by Jon Voight, Peter embarks on a quest with Sophia to uncover the truth behind Elena's disappearance while evading the clutches of corrupt section chief Naomi Piasecki, portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos, and her formidable assassin, Ghost, played by Max Montesi.

The Painter is a 2024 action film that comes from Paramount's recent relaunch of the Republic Pictures label. 

Interesting Fact: “Producer Steven Paul and actor Jon Voight who are no strangers to working together with the two having jointly brought to life such films as the Baby Geniuses series, Karate Dog, and the Bratz movie through their regular collaborations.” - IMDb

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