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Updated: Jan 8

Do you have a martial arts-related product or service that you want to share with the world?

Black Belt Magazine is the world's leading magazine of martial arts, with a rich history dating back to 1968. Numerous martial arts legends have been covered in our print magazine, and our online media services are the industry's premier resource for historical articles, featured pieces, and breaking news. Our audience consists of hundreds of thousands of martial artists from all over the world, with a diverse set of interests ranging from traditional arts, to action films, and everything in between! Advertising with Black Belt can give your brand more credibility and introduce your product or service to a group of consumers who are passionate about the martial arts. Download our media kit for more information about our mission and how you can advertise through the most iconic martial arts publication in the world.

Black Belt Magazine Information: AD SALES Donna Diamond Riekenberg

Telephone: 818 271-8956

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