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Aljamain Sterling Embarks on a New Adventure: Excited for Featherweight Debut at UFC 300

Aljamain Sterling, the celebrated former UFC Bantamweight Champion, is all geared up for an exhilarating new chapter in his career. Come April 13 at UFC 300: Pereira vs Hill, Sterling will make his much-anticipated debut in the featherweight division. This transition marks a fresh start for Sterling, who has a flawless record of never missing weight across his impressive decade-plus stint in the UFC.

Known affectionately as the “Funk Master,” Sterling has demonstrated time and again his dedication and professional discipline. His journey has been nothing short of remarkable, boasting a tenure as the UFC bantamweight champion in 2021 and successfully defending that title three times. Sterling's track record at bantamweight is legendary, with victories over 15 opponents.

However, following a title loss to Sean O’Malley in the summer of 2023, Sterling, at 34, felt it was time to explore new horizons, setting his sights on the featherweight class. His debut in this division will see him squaring off against the formidable Calvin Kattar at the historic UFC 300 event.

Sterling is thrilled about this opportunity, viewing it as a dream come true. "Being part of such a historic event and getting to introduce myself in a new weight class to fans old and new is something I'm really looking forward to," Sterling expressed with enthusiasm. UFC 300 promises to be a spectacular showcase, featuring an array of stars including 12 former or current champions.

This new venture offers Sterling a chance to cement his place among the top contenders in the featherweight division. He's ready to make a bold statement with what he hopes will be an unforgettable performance.

The face-off with Kattar is generating considerable buzz, especially given Kattar's boxing prowess, resilience, and finishing power. Sterling, known for his exceptional wrestling skills, is eager to challenge Kattar's grappling abilities, presenting him with a unique challenge that Kattar may not be fully prepared for.

Free from the stringent weight management of his past, Sterling is enjoying a more relaxed and focused training regimen, concentrating on enhancing his technique. He's excited about what this 10-pound shift to featherweight will bring, optimistic about making an impactful debut.

"Stepping into this new class, I'm just buzzing with excitement," Sterling shared. "It's all about trying new things, challenging myself, and maybe even making a bit of history along the way."

As April 13 draws near, the anticipation builds for Sterling's featherweight debut, promising an electrifying addition to the already stellar lineup of UFC 300.

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