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Andre Lima Prepares for UFC 302 this Saturday, After Winning the Infamous "Bite Fight"

Andre Lima Bite Tattoo
Black Belt Plus

As UFC 302 approaches, Andre Lima, better known by his nickname "Mascote", is gearing up for his second Octagon appearance in a highly anticipated bout against Mitch Raposo. The event marks a significant milestone for Lima, who remains unbeaten with an 8-0 record, demonstrating formidable skills that overshadow the bizarre circumstances of his last match.

Back in March, Lima secured a victory over Igor da Silva in what was undeniably one of the strangest fights of 2024. The bout concluded abruptly midway through the second round when da Silva was disqualified for biting Lima, an incident that prompted Lima to commemorate the moment with a bite mark tattoo. However, this unusual ending should not detract from Lima's abilities and performance.

In his encounter with da Silva, Lima displayed an array of techniques that emphasized his dynamic offensive capabilities. He executed a guillotine attempt and an omoplata in the first round and delivered a powerful tomahawk elbow that notably impacted his opponent. Despite the early finish, Lima's resilience and tactical prowess, particularly in ground scenarios, were evident and left fans eager to see more.

Looking ahead to UFC 302, Lima faces Mitch Raposo, a promising competitor from the regional circuit. Although Raposo steps in on short notice, his track record speaks volumes. After a challenging stint on Season 29 of The Ultimate Fighter and Dana White’s Contender Series, Raposo has rebounded with four consecutive wins, all by finish, proving his potential in the 125-pound division.

This upcoming match is more than just another fight for Lima; it's an opportunity to solidify his reputation in the UFC. A win against Raposo won't immediately propel him into the rankings, but it will provide valuable Octagon experience and a chance to showcase more of his evolving skill set. Under the guidance of coach Lucas Martins, Lima continues to refine his techniques and strategies, aiming to rise through the ranks of the talent-stacked flyweight division.

As UFC 302 looms, both fighters are set to prove their mettle, with Lima looking to move beyond the shadow of the "Bite Fight" and establish himself as a serious contender in the world of mixed martial arts

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