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Belal Muhammad Vows to Break Leon Edwards in Brutal UFC Title Clash at UFC 304: "He's Soft, He's Broken"

Belal Muhammad
Black Belt Plus

After enduring a year of relentless pursuit, punctuated by moments of doubt and external skepticism, Belal Muhammad's unwavering faith and ferocious determination have finally led him to a long-awaited UFC welterweight title shot against Leon Edwards at UFC 304 in Manchester, England on July 27.

Muhammad, a 35-year-old standout from Chicagoland, has been on a meteoric rise, extending his winning streak to five and his unbeaten run to 10 with a decisive victory over Gilbert Burns. However, his championship aspirations were tested as he watched other contenders vying for a title shot while his name was conspicuously absent from the conversation.

Despite the setbacks and uncertainties, Muhammad's unwavering belief in a divine plan, a cornerstone of his Muslim faith, fueled his perseverance. He remained steadfast in his conviction that his time would come, even as he grappled with doubts and faced criticism from those who questioned his abilities.

Throughout the year, Muhammad maintained a relentless presence, attending UFC pay-per-view events and constantly reminding Edwards of his readiness for a title fight. His patience was ultimately rewarded when the UFC officially announced the championship clash with Edwards, scheduled to take place in Edwards' home territory of Manchester.

Muhammad views the delays in securing the fight as a blessing in disguise, allowing him to refine his skills and cultivate a deep-seated animosity toward Edwards that has ignited a burning desire to dethrone the champion.

The contender is confident in his chances, believing that Edwards' style is tailor-made for his strengths. Muhammad sees the champion as mentally fragile and prone to breaking under pressure, a weakness he intends to exploit relentlessly.

Drawing from his experience facing top contenders like Demian Maia, Stephen Thompson, Vicente Luque, and Sean Brady, Muhammad is convinced that Edwards presents an easier challenge than any of his previous opponents. He envisions a dominant performance, visualizing a broken and defeated champion, a scenario he finds immensely satisfying.

While acknowledging Edwards' winning streak since their first encounter, Muhammad remains undeterred. He sees the champion's recent victories over Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington as inconsequential, attributing them to Usman's premature return and Covington's perceived lack of skill.

Muhammad's journey to the title shot has been arduous, marked by perseverance, unwavering faith, and a burning desire to prove his doubters wrong. With the weight of uncertainty lifted, he embraces the opportunity to silence his critics and solidify his status as the best welterweight in the world.

The world may still be hesitant to acknowledge his greatness, but Muhammad is confident that once he claims the championship gold, there will be no room for further debate. The fight against Edwards represents a defining moment in his career, a chance to fulfill his destiny and etch his name in UFC history.

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