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BKFC 56 Weigh-In Results: Fighters Ready for Epic Showdown

Ferea vs Rawlings BKFC 56

As the anticipation builds for BKFC 56, the official weigh-in has set the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable night of bare-knuckle fighting.

Witness the intensity and focus of the fighters as they tipped the scales, marking the final countdown to a night filled with adrenaline-pumping action.

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Stay tuned as we bring you closer to the heart of BKFC 56, where every punch counts and legends are made.

Perry vs Alvarez BKFC 56

Main Card

‘Platinum’ Mike Perry,174lb. vs. Eddie ‘The Underground King’ Alvarez, 175.7lb.

BKFC King of Violence Title

Christine ‘Misfit’ Ferea (C), 124.6 vs. ‘Rowdy’ Bec Rawlings, 124

BKFC Women’s Flyweight World Championship

Kai ‘Hefty Bag’ Stewart (C), 144.8 vs. Howard ‘HD’ Davis, 142.3

BKFC Featherweight World Championship

Arnold ‘Bomaye’ Adams, 268.9 vs. Mick Terrill, 269.6

Vacant BKFC Heavyweight World Championship

Jeremy ‘Lil Heathen’ Stephens, 155.9 vs. Jimmie ‘El Terror’ Rivera, 154.9

Ben Moa, 235.4 vs. Bridger Bercier, 208

Mike Jones, 185.6 vs. Erick Lozano, 187.4

BKFC 56 Weigh In


Keegan Vandermeer, 204.4 vs. Esteban Rodriguez, 204.4

Trevor Bradshaw, 160.9 vs. Troy Dennison, 157.6

LJ Schulz, 155.9 vs. Danny Hilton, 155

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