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BREAKING: BRAVE CF 78 Main Event Change

Watch the event live stream on Youtube and BRAVE TV starting 5 PM ET.

Main Event BRAVE CF 78

In a surprising turn of events, BRAVE CF 78, scheduled for December 7, 2023, in Fortaleza, Brazil, has experienced significant changes to its fight card following a tumultuous weigh-in session.

The anticipated return of BRAVE Combat Federation to Brazil after a four-year hiatus has been marked by weight misses and reshuffled bouts, resulting to BRAVE CF Main Event change.

Main Event Shift: Luiz Cado vs Vernon Ramos

Originally, Joilton Lutterbach and Luan Santiago were set to headline in a Super Lightweight bout. However, Lutterbach missed weight by 1.55kg, leading to his removal from the card. This development has elevated the Super Welterweight fight between Luiz Cado and Vernon Ramos to the main event. Both Cado and Ramos, having made weight with ease, find themselves in the unexpected but prestigious position of headlining an international BRAVE CF event.

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The Cascade of Changes

With Lutterbach out, Santiago's new opponent is Manuel Mena, who himself was significantly over the limit for his Lightweight bout against Marcelo Marques, missing by 3.4kg. Mena's move to Super Lightweight to face Santiago has caused Marques to face promotional newcomer Walysson Guerra in a Catchweight bout at 72.5 kg.

Other Notable Weight Issues

In addition to Mena and Lutterbach, two other fighters faced weight issues. Edilceu Alves and Wilker Nsamo missed their targets for the Flyweight co-main event and Featherweight bout, respectively. However, their bouts will proceed as planned, with both fighters forfeiting 20% of their purses.

Joilton Lutterbach misses weight at BRAVE CF 78

BRAVE CF 78/Victorious MMA 5 Weigh-In Results

The reshuffled BRAVE CF fight card now features:

  • Super Welterweight: Luiz Cado (79.6kg) vs Vernon Ramos (78.5kg) as the main event.

  • Flyweight: Edilceu Alves (57.6kg)* vs Marciano Ferreira (57.2kg).

  • Super Lightweight: Luan Santiago (75.2kg) vs Manuel Mena (74.3kg).

  • Lightweight: Arlen Benks (70.75kg) vs Yabna Ferreira Ntchalá (70.1kg).

  • Catchweight 72.5kg: Marcelo Marques (70.5kg) vs Walysson Guerra (72.5kg).

The Victorious fight card, in association with BRAVE CF, includes bouts across various weight divisions, maintaining the excitement and diversity of the event.

BRAVE CF 78 Full Fight Card

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This shake-up exemplifies the unpredictable nature of mixed martial arts and the importance of professionalism regarding weight cuts. The athletes' adaptability and readiness to face new challenges on short notice are a testament to their dedication and the dynamic spirit of BRAVE CF.

As Fortaleza gears up for this thrilling event, fans eagerly anticipate how these last-minute changes will unfold in the cage. BRAVE CF 78, despite the weigh-in drama, promises to be an unforgettable night of martial arts action.

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