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BRAVE CF and Enfusion's ECE in European doubleheader as top organizations aim to elevate German MMA in October

Two of Europe's top combat sports promotions will host second show in the continent, following collaboration in the Netherlands

BRAVE CF Germany

BRAVE Combat Federation will make its much-anticipated return to Germany on October 12, when the most global organization in the world lands in Essen, the second biggest city in the region of Ruhr valley. The event will be co-promoted with leading European powerhouse Enfusion, through its ECE MMA brand, following a collaboration that will first take BRAVE CF into the Netherlands for the first time, on May 25.

Both BRAVE Combat Federation and Enfusion have a long history with Germany, with the former having hosted two events in previous years: BRAVE CF 61, which took place in Bonn and BRAVE CF 68, hosted in Dusseldorf. Enfusion has hosted 12 of its 132 events in the country and ECE has hosted two events in the nation, in Darmstadt and Wuppertal, with a mixture of disciplines included in both shows. 

When they join hands in Essen, BRAVE CF and ECE will be looking forward to delivering a huge fight card for the hardcore MMA fans in Germany, and to elevate the sport in its entirety. 

As one of the most traditional hubs for martial arts in Europe, the country is home to many big names in the sport, and as part of the efforts to bring in a new era for the sport in the continent, a proper sports development structure and both companies are eager to help accelerate the creation of a true MMA ecosystem within Germany that will elevate the sport in all sectors. 

Following their collaboration in the Netherlands, BRAVE CF and ECE will be landing in Germany to provide the local MMA fans with the opportunity to see world-class fighters live while giving the regional fighters the opportunity to showcase their skills on a global platform and against international opposition.

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