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BRAVE CF partners with Enfusion's ECE to bring global MMA to the Netherlands in historic show

BRAVE CF Netherlands show poster

BRAVE Combat Federation, the most global MMA organization in the world, is pleased to announce further details to its first-ever show in the Netherlands. The company will partner with world-class Enfusion through its ECE MMA brand to host a co-promoted event on May 25, in Alkmaar, one of the main cities in the country. This is expected to be a historic show as BRAVE CF will become the most hosted organization in Europe, with 14 countries welcoming a BRAVE CF show on the continent. 

 The Netherlands will follow Northern Ireland, England, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Russia, Belarus, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Germany, France, and Spain as BRAVE CF homes in Europe. No other organization in global MMA has hosted events in 14 European countries. 

Black Belt Plus

While the Netherlands has a long and rich history in combat sports, mainly through kickboxing, mixed martial arts is still on the way up. BRAVE CF has partnered with one of the leading multimedia companies involved in martial arts on a European level to take Dutch MMA to the next level. 

The aim for the partnership is to provide a platform for the top local athletes to compete while bringing some of the finest fighters in the world to showcase their skills in front of a passionate martial arts audience and an ever-growing fanbase for mixed martial arts. 

As a breeding ground for some of the top martial artists in Europe, the Netherlands is primed to become an MMA hotbed of talents, and BRAVE CF, in association with ECE MMA, is eager to provide them with the global opportunities they deserve, not just through hosting events, but also helping create a true ecosystem for the sport. 

Enfusion, one of the premier brands in kickboxing, has created ECE to further its status as a trailblazer now in mixed martial arts, giving top kickboxers the opportunity to make a seamless transition into MMA, while maintaining the highest level of production and technical quality that Enfusion is known for.

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