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BRAVE Combat Federation Ignites MMA Buzz in MENA with Upcoming Dubai Event

Mohammed Fakhreddine

In a significant move marking the progression of mixed martial arts (MMA) in the Middle East, BRAVE Combat Federation has been at the forefront of ushering in a new chapter for the sport in the region over the past seven and a half years. The organization, renowned as the most global MMA entity, is set to further this development with its anticipated return to the United Arab Emirates. Scheduled for the last quarter of 2024, BRAVE CF's inaugural event in Dubai is already generating excitement within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) fighter community, with athletes eagerly adjusting their schedules to compete in November.

Among the excited is former double world champion Mohammad Fakhreddine, who is eyeing an aggressive campaign for a third world title. Fakhreddine, known as "The Latest," aims to challenge Super Welterweight champion Kamal Magomedov, with hopes of securing the title earlier in the year to then defend it at the 175-pound weight class during the Dubai event. Fakhreddine, whose professional journey with BRAVE CF began in Abu Dhabi, expressed his special connection to the UAE and his ambition to defend a third title in Dubai as a significant honor, adding an extra layer of motivation to his preparation for the fight against Kamal.

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Other fighters share Fakhreddine's enthusiasm for the Dubai event. Ahmed Labban, recovering from a recent loss, is planning a comeback fight in Croatia before setting his sights on the Dubai card. Labban's training in Zagreb aligns with BRAVE CF's debut in Croatia this September, setting him up for a November fight in Dubai.

Izzedine Al-Derbani from Jordan, also known as "The Palestinian Samurai," is on the lookout for his next bout, aiming to align his fight schedule with the Dubai event, despite the challenges of waiting until November. Bahraini fighters, too, are adjusting their schedules around a significant fight night in December on their home turf, hoping to participate in the Dubai event as well.

Mahmoud Sebie of Egypt, currently aiming to join the USA Wrestling team for the Paris Olympics, is considering the Dubai event as a potential comeback to MMA post-Olympics. With the Paris Wrestling tournament concluding in mid-August, the timing aligns perfectly for Sebie to transition back to MMA in November, integrating his Olympic journey with his MMA career aspirations.

This wave of anticipation among fighters highlights BRAVE CF's significant role in expanding MMA's footprint in the MENA region, with its Dubai event poised to become a landmark occasion for the sport.

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