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Combat Cane: Striking Points

Combat Cane Striking

A beginner’s guide to the combat cane last article we started with picking a combat cane. After picking a Cane, obviously the next step would be to learn how to use this awesome tool. Before anything else, understand that it takes years of practicing to really understand this tool. Just swinging the cane at an attacker, is not truly understanding the full capacity of this amazing tool.

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There are so many aspects of the cane. Striking, blocking ground defense, multiple attackers and even when attackers grab you or your cane. Another plus of the cane is the fact that you can carry the cane anywhere including courtrooms, airplanes and even the White House which makes the cane the perfect personal protection device. But my opinion, situational awareness is the most important part of your training. If you’re oblivious to what is going on around you, or being somewhere that is kind of sketchy and you put yourself in certain situations because you think you know how to defend yourself, you will learn very quickly that no matter how much training you have, you can also become a victim.

Statistics say that an attack happens every thirteen seconds in the USA. Just two years ago it was thirty eight seconds, which means things are getting a lot worse and it is even more likely that you will be victim of an attack this year. This alone, makes it that much more important to train and practice all types of scenarios. Learn and practice defense from the front, side and back. Train against weapons and in small spaces, including stairways and cars. Another great tip, DO NOT look like a victim. Carry yourself in a way that makes you look confident and not an easy target. Understand that humans are a lot like the animal world. You will never see a predator attacking a strong and ready to fight victim. Predators don’t want a fight, they want an easy target. If you look like a target and act like a target most likely you will become one as well. Keep your head up and be alert. Look everyone in the eye and look strong. I’m not saying that by doing all of this that you will never be a victim of a crime, but you will defiantly increase your odds of getting home to see your family again.

After teaching for over twenty eight years I’ve learned to keep it simple. Numbering the parts of the body is a simple and effective way to help students learn and retain information. So see the picture below for reference.

Targets of cane or stick strikes include all joints, head, neck and ANY bone, including the tops of the hands and feet. The cane will simply destroy these targets. The crook of the cane can be used for striking to the throat, solar plexus or groin. The shaft of the cane can be used to strike down on the arms, strike to the throat or face and it can also be used to strike to the chest to push away an attacker. The tip of the cane can be very effective when striking the throat, solar plexus, and groin. The tip can also be very painful when striking the top of the feet. So lets discuss these targets in depth.

Before we start just remember that each state has its own laws regarding your rights in defending yourself. Unfortunately in today’s age, when defending yourself, you WILL most likely be sued and maybe even arrested, so make sure when you defend yourself there is no question that it is a life or death situation.

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Striking Points

  1. The top of the head: or I call, the RED ZONE. This strike although very effective, again is most likely going to do grave harm so use in life and death situations.

  2. The right or left side of the neck: (from the bottom of the ear to bottom of the neck.) This is also part of the RED ZONE. This strike will drop an attacker very quickly and possibly cause permanent damage or DEATH.

  3. The TOP of right or left Shoulder Bone: Striking this point will break the Shoulder causing the attacker not only great pain, but will also cause the arm to be useless.

  4. The left or right elbows: Striking either elbow will cause the attacker great pain and to automatically drop any weapon and could possibly break the arm.

  5. The right or left wrist: This point is very effective especially if the attacker is holding a weapon.

  6. The TOPS of the hands: If an attacker grabs you, use the shaft of the cane to press or strike the hands will cause the attacker to release you or a weapon he might be holding.

  7. The Right or Left Knee: Striking the knee will cause the attacker to fall to the ground. After you start to escape he will not be able to follow you.

  8. The tops of the feet: If grabbed from the front or back, by using the tip of the cane to stab down on top of the feet will cause the attacker to let go, giving you a follow up shot to one or more of the previous points.

  9. Groin: By striking with any part of the cane hard enough with not only stop an attacker but will most likely disable him.

  10. Solar Plexus: By using the tip of the cane, if hit accurately will cause attacker to loose breath stopping the attack.

  11. The throat: Part of the RED ZONE, striking an attacker here with any part of the cane will cause ANY attacker to drop. This strike should only be used in life and death situations.

Striking the Ankles while standing may cause you to become in range of the attacker so use caution. But striking the ankles of the attacker after he falls to the ground will keep the attacker down and unable to get up and attack you again.

These Striking points are only a guideline. Cane techniques are countless. ALL parts of this tool can be used to strike and cause serious damage to attackers.

Remember, every state has its own self defense laws, so please check your state and as always, be safe.

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