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Damon Jackson Embraces Old-School Fighting Spirit in Upcoming UFC Co-Main Event

Damon Jackson

Black Belt Plus

Whenever Damon Jackson is asked a hypothetical, his answers reflect a profound passion for mixed martial arts. Imagine if time travel were possible and Jackson could compete in the inaugural 1993 UFC events. His response is enthusiastic and immediate. "Absolutely," Jackson affirms.

"Fights back then had no time limits, ensuring that every bout ended decisively. Today, fighters often play it safe to impress the judges, but I admire the straightforward, finish-focused rules of the past. It would be thrilling to experience that era."

Jackson, a seasoned featherweight, is not merely reminiscing. His career record shows a preference for decisive outcomes, with 25 of his 30 fights ending before the judges could score them. This approach has quietly garnered him a growing fanbase, despite his low profile on social media.

His upcoming match against Alexander Hernandez is no exception. Set as the co-main event this Saturday at UFC APEX, the fight promises fireworks. Jackson, often underestimated, sees these bouts as opportunities to surprise and surpass expectations. "Many people overlook my abilities because I'm not the flashiest fighter out there," he chuckles. "Yet, consistently finishing fights and defeating favored opponents should earn respect. Ultimately, it adds pressure to my opponents, which works in my favor."

Jackson's focus is unwavering as he prepares for each fight with rigorous discipline. He rarely pays attention to external chatter, choosing instead to concentrate on his training and readiness. "I'm always working hard and making sure I'm at my peak for every fight," he explains. His anticipation for the bout with Hernandez is high, fueled by his opponent's reputation and readiness.

For Jackson, the goals are clear: perform at his best, secure the win, and perhaps earn a performance bonus. "It's about instant gratification for me," he states plainly. Damon Jackson remains a dedicated, straightforward competitor, driven not by fame but by the love of the sport and the thrill of competition.

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