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Dana White's UFC 303 Post-Fight Press Conference: Highlights and Key Takeaways

Dana White UFC President
Black Belt Plus

Following the electrifying conclusion of UFC 303, UFC President Dana White addressed the media in a post-fight press conference

White began by acknowledging the impressive performance of Alex Pereira, who secured a stunning knockout victory in the main event. He described Pereira as a "monster" and expressed excitement about the fighter's potential in the light heavyweight division. White also addressed questions regarding Pereira's potential move to heavyweight, stating his preference to see the fighter compete against more opponents in his current division before considering a change.

During the press conference, White fielded a range of questions from the media, including inquiries about Conor McGregor's return, the upcoming fights at the Sphere in Las Vegas, and the future of Power Slap. While he remained tight-lipped about specific details regarding McGregor's comeback, White did confirm that discussions are ongoing and that an announcement will be made once McGregor is fully healed and ready to fight.

When asked about the fight card for the Sphere event, White confirmed that announcements will be made soon, emphasizing the significant production efforts already underway to ensure a spectacular event. He expressed confidence that the Sphere will offer a unique and unparalleled experience for both live and pay-per-view audiences.

On the topic of Power Slap, White affirmed his commitment to the new venture, highlighting the positive response it has received so far. He acknowledged the challenges of introducing a new sport but remained optimistic about its potential for growth and popularity.

In addition to addressing media questions, White also made a few notable announcements during the press conference. He confirmed that the UFC is actively exploring international expansion opportunities, with a particular focus on Latin America. Additionally, White teased the possibility of a special event during International Fight Week, promising new and exciting experiences for fans.

Overall, Dana White's UFC 303 post-fight press conference provided valuable insights into the organization's current landscape and future plans. While some details remain under wraps, the enthusiasm and confidence expressed by White suggest an exciting future for the UFC and its fans.

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