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Empowering Communities through Giving: Claressa Shields' 4th Annual Toys, Food, & Winter Giveaway


WHEN:  Saturday, December 23rd, 12 p.m. –  4 p.m. ET

WHERE:  AT Fitness: 2189 Coldwater Rd, Mt Morris, MI 48458

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The 4th Annual Claressa Shields Winter Giveaway : Toy Drive is a pillar within the Shields Community Outreach Program that extends its impact beyond the boxing ring. Recognizing that the holiday season can be particularly challenging for families in need, Claressa Shields, with the support of the program and sponsors, organizes a heartwarming initiative to provide joy and comfort to underserved youth. The toy drive brings a festive spirit to those facing economic hardships in a community-fueled environment. 

Claressa Shields Winter Giveaway

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The Shields Community Outreach Corporation (SCOC), founded by Boxing & MMA star and 2x gold medalist Claressa Shields, stands as a beam of hope for the Michigan youth community, dedicated to fostering resilience and empowerment through its annual programming.

By leveraging the discipline and skill development inherent in boxing, the program, spearheaded by Shields, seeks to provide a transformative outlet for young individuals grappling with the challenges of depression, trauma, and anger. Recognizing the therapeutic benefits of the sport, the initiative aims to instill not only physical strength but also mental fortitude, encouraging participants to channel their emotions into positive avenues.

Through an authentic approach Shields has personally benefited from that integrates boxing training with mentorship and psychological support, the program endeavors to equip young minds with the tools needed to confront life's adversities, fostering a sense of self-worth and resilience that extends beyond the confines of the ring.

In doing so, the Shields Community Outreach program, under the guidance of its illustrious founder, strives to empower the youth, drive awareness to the program, and raise funds throughout the year to expand its programming and reach.

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Looking ahead, SCOC continues to raise funds throughout the year to help strengthen its event programming and continue hosting annual Back 2 School Giveaways, Easter Holiday Initiatives, Winter Giveaway, and Holiday Toy Drives.

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