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Fight Night at the Tech; Scott Coker Returns to His Roots

Scott Coker, the visionary promoter, steps back in the ring of pro-fights as the Executive Producer of Fight Night at the Tech. 

Scott Coker
Black Belt Plus

Stepping back into the spotlight in San Jose, California, the very nucleus of California MMA, Coker returns to the sacred grounds where his legacy as a trailblazer began, igniting legendary promotions like West Coast Promotions and Strike Force.

Teaming up with promoter Gilbert Melendez. Coker unveils a spectacular evening dedicated to the raw essence of combat sports: kickboxing, MMA, and Muay Thai. 

Since his tenure at Bellator, Coker has meticulously evaluated his options, soul-searching amidst the chaos of the fight game. And now, he plunges back into the fray.

For professional fighters and the champions of tomorrow, Coker's presence is nothing short of a beacon of hope. With his wisdom, experience, and unwavering commitment, they have a true pioneer in their corner—a visionary who doesn't just see the potential in the sport but actively cultivates it, nurturing it into something extraordinary. 

May 18th, 2024

Fight Night At the Tech Leeana Vs Amanda

fight night at the tech

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