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From Teen Prodigy to UFC Standout: Chase Hooper Aims to Crush Doubts at UFC St. Louis

Chase Hooper
Black Belt Plus

Chase Hooper, once the teenage sensation of Dana White’s Contender Series, has evolved significantly at the UFC since his debut nearly six years ago. Now, at UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Nascimento, Hooper prepares for his ninth appearance in the Octagon against Viacheslav Borshchev, in a battle that promises to captivate fans.

Initially competing in the featherweight division, Hooper's early UFC career was a mixed bag of wins and losses. However, after growing into a more suitable lightweight frame, he's found his rhythm, securing consecutive victories and beginning to reshape public perception.

“I’m not just the young guy anymore; I’m taken more seriously now,” Hooper explained to His recent performances not only reflect his growth but have also started to earn him recognition as a formidable fighter within the roster.

Despite facing challenges and self-doubt, Hooper has persisted, honing his skills and proving his resilience in the elite fighting league. “Mentally, I understand that I’m one of these guys. I stand amongst these people,” he asserted, acknowledging his established presence in the UFC.

With a current two-fight win streak, Hooper is enthusiastic about his matchup with Borshchev, highlighting the classic striker versus grappler dynamic that the UFC was built on. “These are the matchups that really show what fighters are made of,” he noted.

UFC matchmakers see this fight as a critical test for both athletes, assessing their ability to address weaknesses and compete at higher levels. “They are testing us to see who’s ready to move up,” Hooper commented, aware of the stakes involved.

As the fight approaches, Hooper is eager to execute his strategy and extend his winning streak, viewing a victory over Borshchev as a stepping stone to more significant challenges. “I’m starting to hit my stride,” he concluded, signaling his readiness to take on tougher opponents and continue rising in the UFC ranks.

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