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GLORY Kickboxing team with 4Champions ahead of the Heavyweight Grand Prix

Glory Heavyweight Grand prix

The historic GLORY Heavyweight Grand Prix takes place March 9 and reintroduces an important pillar in the sport of kickboxing – the eight-man, one night tournament.

Winning three fights in one night, against the best in the world, is one of the hardest feats in all of combat sports. As a result, it needed the right trophy to present to the overall winner.

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Therefore, GLORY Kickboxing is delighted to announce a collaboration with 4Champions, a leading jeweller in the Netherlands who creates championship concepts of excellence.

Their vision and expertise have led to the creation of the new GLORY Heavyweight Grand Prix trophy. This unique concept introduces an innovative twist to the traditional draw with each participating fighter receives a personalized ring. This ring not only symbolizes their participation but also serves as their entry ticket to the tournament.

The most striking aspect of this concept is that the rings will be integrated into the trophy as the tournament progresses. After each fight, the ring of the losing fighter will be added to the trophy. This dynamic adds an extra emotional and symbolic dimension to the competition. The ultimate winner of the tournament will not only take home the grand prize of $500,000 but also a trophy enriched with the personal rings of the seven fighters they have defeated.

In addition to this revolutionary concept, 4Champions has also designed a range of 'GLORY Exclusives.' These exclusive pieces of jewellery, ranging from replicas of the rings to memorabilia, are available through the official GLORY Kickboxing online store.

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The draw for the GLORY Heavyweight Grand Prix will take place this Wednesday, January 31, and will be available to watch live across GLORY’s social media channels as well as in the Netherlands. The road to capturing all the rings officially begins then!

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