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How five-year absence from the sport prepared Chad Griffiths for unprecedented run at the BRAVE CF world title

Chad Griffiths

Black Belt Plus

Chad Griffiths might seem like a typical MMA fighter with a modest seven-fight resume on paper but appearances can be deceiving. With more than a decade of experience in combat sports, Griffiths is a seasoned campaigner eyeing the prestigious BRAVE CF Super Lightweight title. 

The British MMA star will be making his return at BRAVE CF 81 when he fights Slovenia’s David Forster. 

Griffiths heads into this fight on the back of his first-round submission win over Abbas Khan at BRAVE CF 80. Securing a win over Forster at BRAVE CF 81 could elevate Griffiths as an interesting contender for reigning Super Lightweight champion Eldar Eldarov.

While the title pursuit of Griffiths is indeed a major storyline heading into BRAVE CF 81, what stands out is the fact that his win over Abbas Khan came after a long gap of five years away from MMA. 

For most fighters, such a long break would have resulted in lost momentum but Griffiths was keeping himself busy with bare knuckle fighting; in turn giving him some extra pop on his shots as evident from his fight against Abbas Khan. 

Griffiths' contributions to the sport during this break, nevertheless, goes beyond his own performances. 

Under the guidance of British MMA legend Brad Pickett, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the Great Britain Top Team into one of the best teams in the UK and Europe. His dedication to training and his willingness to share his knowledge have undoubtedly contributed to the success of the team while also boosting his own skill set. 

Now that he is back to being active in MMA, Griffiths looks determined to make up for the long gap that he took. With a 100 percent finish rate in his MMA career, the Brit is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the BRAVE CF Super Lightweight division and at BRAVE CF 81, he has one more chance to prove this. 

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